Notes on the Film Apocalypse Now

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Apocalypse Now:
How the film devices been used to convey the values and themes? * This is the end – The doors
* Background and foreground images
* Fire flames and destruction
* Helicopter propellers
* Willard is in a disorientated state
* Close up of the gun
* Composition of the frame, seeing more than one image in the frame * Voice over – (Marlow’s frame narrative)
* Music , building suspense ‘fuck’
* Meeting with the army generals/ Marlow going to office where the women knitting are * Kurtz “unsound”
* Powers, ideals, morality skewed
* Rational and irrational, good and evil – discussed in a monotone manner * “every man has a breaking point”
* Harrison Ford coughing during Willard’s mission say one thing it means something else * “Terminate with extreme prejudice”
* charging people for murder was like handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500, lack of control * narration, introducing the crew on the boat (HOD)
* narration, feels like he is talking to the viewer
* Doctor - -> chief warning
* Camera – don’t look at the camera just keep fighting” absurdity. * KIlgore, low shot gives him high status.
* Kilgore stops helping VC because he heard Lance the surfer is here * Religious references in HOD, priest
* Cinematography - smoke, dark, torches
* Kilgore giving commands about surfboards
* Helicopters juxtaposed with palm trees and native land (invasion) * Water, palm trees – helicopters coming over the top (levels of environment and society and what is being imposed on it) * Orange sun, dawing , with menacing looking helicopters – contrasted with music * “Scares the hell out of the slops , my boys love it” – derogatory and affection – duplicitat side * undershot of the helicopter music playing

* contradictins – going to fight – surfboards and music * contrast to silence serene , white school teacher – then the music comes * primitive, natural, horse and cart
* “Get you a case of beer for that” – rewarded for destruction * boat on the brisge – “nice shot, Bill”
* “everybody’s all right? Lance?
* Drinking while flying – Kilgore
* VC hat – loss of life, innocence, vulnerability
* “Fucking savages” – ironic because of the Americans behaviours * surfing when the bombs are landing – represent the behaviour of the American army * absolute conradiction of behviour – Kilgore – he looks after child and tells the guy to get his gun away but he has just said to bomb the land to make it look like stoneage * “we’ll have this place cleaned up in a jiffy” – Kilgore * “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.....smells like victory” – focus and close up of Kilgore, Coppola has made sure that it is emphasised. Intent of good will is not there * Victory – how many are killed?

* “someday the wars going to end” – sense of hope to an extent , said by Kilgore and Willard (said with different tone) * Life without the war doesn’t exist anymore – Willard * Permanently changed

* Insanity and murder (everyone had a bit)
* Coppola has many shots of the boat travelling on the river to emphasis the journey * Change in tone – dreaming of Raquel relch to Kilgore wanting surfboards --- then to we’re going pretty far up the river * The tree is enormous, force of nature is overwhelming and strong * Boat offers a sense of security – never get out of the boat, absolutely god damn right – Willard – Kurtz got off the boat (symbolic of the lack of structure, intending to stray from the path metaphorically) * Chef doesn’t cope with the tiger situation – “never get of the boat”, we learn about the interior of chef and the first of his decline * Willard’s narration/ Marlow’s narration – his side of the story * Willard gives us an insight into Kurtz – dossier, constantly focusing on it * Kurtz was promoted due to the press

* Hypocrisy of army – not focusing...
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