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1. The earliest form of dwelling developed by man is the ROCK CAVE. 2. A pre-historic burial mound is called TUMULUS.
3. Monoliths or menhirs are prototypes of the Egyptian PYRAMID. 4. The Stonehenge is an example of STONE CIRCLE.
5. The smallest among the famous pyramids at Gizeh is the PYRAMID of MYKERINOS/MENKAURE. 6. The Egyptian gateway to temples is called PYLON.
7. The Egyptian ornament symbolizing fertility is PAPYRUS.
8. Pillars that stood in pairs at the front of Egyptian temples are called OBELISK. 9. Tomb-houses that were made to take the body at full-length are called MASTABA. 10. Characteristic feature of Egyptian external walls is BATTERED. 11. Egyptian architecture was designed principally for INTERNAL EFFECT. 12. The Egyptian cornice that consists of roll and hollow moulding is called GORGE. 13. The torus mould in Egyptian temples were used to cover the ANGLES. 14. Egyptian architecture is characterized by massiveness, monumentality and SIMPLICITY. 15. Egyptian system of construction is essentially COLUMNAR and TRABEATED. 16. The Colossi of Memnon was erected by AMENOPHIS III.

17. The architect of the Great Serapeum at Alexandria is PTOLEMY III. 18. The funerary temple at Der-el-Bahari was built by HATSHEPSUT. 19. The forerunners of the caryatids of the Greeks is OSIRIS PILLARS. 20. Characteristic wall ornament of the Egyptians is HIEROGLYPHICS. 21. The favorite motifs of the Egyptians include the lotus, papyrus and PALM. 22. Structure whose sides were made to face the four cardinal points is the PYRAMID. 23. The size of the Great Pyramid of Cheops is equated to the ST. PETER, ROME. 24. Known as the royal architect and superintendent of pyramids is THIS. 25. In the Egyptian temples, a pillared hall in which the roof rests on columns is called HYPOSTYLE HALL. 26. Egyptian temples were sanctuaries into which only KINGS and PRIESTS can penetrate. 27. Temples were approached through imposing...
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