Notes on Business Sustainability of H and M

Topics: Natural environment, Sustainability, Recycling Pages: 2 (302 words) Published: April 23, 2014
 What is the ‘business case’ for giving this good/service sustainable credentials? Provide fashion for conscious customers.
CEO – “Our business idea is to offer fashion and quality at the best price. Sustainability is an increasingly important part of this…  I think that adding sustainable value to our products is one of the keys to strengthen customer offering”

Which social and environmental impacts are addressed (e.g. CO2 emissions, health improvement) and what targets does (or might) the firm have? How does the business measure performance? Cotton - raw material used most by H&M. Aim- for all cotton in their range to come from more sustainable sources by 2020 - organic cotton(without pesticides/fertilisers), better cotton(good farm practices – less water, chemicals, care for natural environment, good working conditions), recycled cotton (old garments). World’s no.1 for organic cotton – surpassed Walmart. Water – key resource in H&M products’ lifecycle. Strive to minimize the risk in production, protect the environment and secure access to safe water for present and future generations. Partnership with WWF.  Improve internal water efficiency, minimise suppliers’ impact on water, educate all 104,000 employees globally on water issues, work to inspire customers to use water responsibly. Working conditions - choose and reward responsible partners who share values and are willing to work with H&M to improve social and environmental practices. Goal - for H&M's strategic suppliers to have pay structures in place to pay a fair living wage by 2018. Education - Flagship Program - focuses on the most vulnerable children, enabling equal opportunities for development and levelling out disadvantages. Climate change - new target set to reduce absolute emissions by 2015, despite continued growth.

General targets:
Provide fashion for conscious customers
Choose and reward responsible partners
Be ethical
Be climate smart
Reduce, reuse, recycle
Use natural resources...
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