Notes for Ancient Civilizations 01.05

Topics: Agriculture, Hunting, Periodization Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Time PeriodHow do people find food in this time period? What are some common things people do for a living in this time period? Why do people live where they live in this time period? Hunter and GatherersThey followed herds of animals and gathered food from the earth.Hunters and gatherers of nuts, berries, and other types of food.They follow herds of animals. Agricultural RevolutionThey farmed grain and domesticated animals.FarmersThey lived in places that had good soil for crops. Complex Civilization

Trade happened mainly among royalty. It involved the exchange of dried fish, wool, barley, wheat, and metal goods for sweet-smelling wood and fruit. Then these materials were passed down to lower classes of people who paid for these materials.

Artisans ,
priests The people lived where they lived because it allowed them to do their daily activities. Today
Today people can go to stores and buy food.
Teachers, factory worker, store clerks, and business owners. Today people can live where ever they want too. Some people live where they live so they can be closer to they’re job. Directions: Please use four to six sentences to answer the focus question below. Focus Question: How and why has Civilization changed over time? (Make sure that you use specific examples from the chart above to prove how and why civilization has changed over time.) People have had jobs having to find their own food to having to sell food in new stores. They had to find food and today they can go out to stores and but food. They had to live in certain areas to help them grow crop and have things to eat. Today we can live where we want too. They had to follow animals to food since animals new where the food and water was.
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