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“My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

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Text 1:

What does it convey about belonging?

The image conveys the concept of not belonging. It conveys the idea that a sense of not belonging can cause feelings of frustration and confusion. The image also communicates the message that being different physically from what is accepted as the stereotyped norm can influence whether or not one belongs. It conveys the idea that a certain image is valued in our society and that everybody who does not fall into the stereotyped image is or can be socially rejected.

o Salient image: the salient image is the three tall and thin women that appear to be rejecting the lady that is slightly shorter. The fact that the taller women are the dominating aspect of the image reinforces the idea that these types of women are valued with in our society.

o Colour: the dominating women are wearing the colour red while the lady that is being rejected is dressed in the colour green. The colour red is represents beauty, power and passion. The fact that the colour red is worn by the dominating women reinforces the idea that these women are valued in our society. The woman that is being socially rejected is wearing the colour green which usually is a symbol of nature. The green implies that she is naturally beautiful. The image however conveys that her natural and inner beauty is rejected and she is looked down upon as her exterior image does not resemble that that is valued and accepted.

o Symbolism: the three dominating woman are looking up, with their noses lifted up in the air. This is usually a symbol of superiority. They believe themselves to more significant than the other lady whom they are rejecting. This conveys that they perceive her as worthless, insignificant and inferior. It clearly emphasises the idea they do not accept her.

o Text: the written text “Damn! Should have worn red...” highlights the idea that not belonging causes feeling of frustration and confusion. It shows the viewer that she does not comprehend the reason for her rejection as she does not perceive her self as any different. It conveys that she believes that if she had worn red she would have been accepted into the group.

Text 2:

What does it convey about belonging?

This text conveys that one will always feel a sense of belonging to family and culture to some extent regardless of the circumstances because family and culture shape your identity and are always with you were ever you go. It illustrates the idea that family, culture and beliefs all shape ones identity. It also conveys that sometimes, in order for one to belong within a certain group, they must make change to them selves in order to meet the expectations of the other group.

1. Opening/ introductory scene
2. Tula meets Ian’s family
3. Ian’s family meets Tula’s family
4. The wedding ceremony.

o Scene one: In this scene, we are introduced to Tula, the protagonist of the movie with her father Gus. From the opening line of the movie, it is clear to us that she has not fulfilled the expectations of her family and specifically her father. “You better get married soon, you look so… old” her father tells her. The atmosphere represents the mood of Tula. It is raining heavily and dark outside, suggesting that she is discontent with her life. The techniques of flash back and voice over allow us to view Tula in her childhood. These collaboratively convey that as a child Tula was not accepted with her peers as she “[she] knew she was different from the other girls”. Her culture and significant different appearance was a barrier to her belonging with the other girls at school. Tula’s unacceptance had a profound impact on her as we can clearly see that she was envious of the other girls through “I so badly wanted to be like the...
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