Topics: Medical informatics, Electronic health record, Health informatics Pages: 3 (733 words) Published: May 29, 2014
Nursing Knowledge: Big Data Research for Transforming
University of Minnesota, School of Nursing, Center for Nursing Informatics August 12 – 13, 2013
Developed by: Susan A. Matney, MSN, RN-C, PhD(c), FAAN
Nursing Knowledge Model
A.Data, information, Knowledge, Wisdom (DIKW) Framework
The Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom (DIKW) framework is one of the core conceptual frameworks for the practice of nursing informatics. However, in order for the framework to be effective, nurses must define knowledge, within electronic health records, to accurately capture the context of nursing practice. oNursing overview of the DIKW framework can be found in:

American Nurses Association. (2008). Nursing informatics: Scope and standards of practice. Silver Spring, MD: McGonigle, D., Mastrain, KG, Overview of Nursing Informatics., retrieved July 30 2013. oArticles describing the DIKW framework:

Matney, S., Brewster, P. J., Sward, K. A., Cloyes, K. G., & Staggers, N. (2011). Philosophical approaches to the nursing informatics data-information-knowledge-wisdom framework. ANS Adv Nurs Sci, 34(1), 6-18. Bernstam, E., Smith, J., & Johnson, T. (2010). What Is Biomedical Informatics? Journal of biomedical informatics, 43(1), 104-110.

Nursing actions are based on the interrelations between the concepts used in nursing. Decisions are based critical thinking which is guided by knowledge. It’s pertinent that we provide information and knowledge for nurses to use during the process of care. Nursing knowledge has been referenced since the onset of nursing, therefore, how knowledge is defined and how it is represented in EHRs is cited here: oGraham, I. D., Logan, J., Harrison, M. B., Straus, S. E., Tetroe, J., Caswell, W., & Robinson, N. (2006). Lost in Knowledge Translation: Time for a Map? J Contin Educ Health Prof, 26(1), 13-24. doi: 10.1002/chp.47 oRoberts, D. (2012)....
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