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害群之马black sheep自学self-taught 红白喜事wedding and funeral长统靴Russian boot暗中干预 Italian hand AA制 Dutch treat保持沉默 Bite the tongue月季 China roses大雾thick fog不辞而别 take French leave落地长窗 French window严厉的批评者 Dutch uncle老掉牙的故事twice-told tale 假唱 lip-synch物美价廉economical and good警察blue coat假花artificial flower太平门emergency exit文化程度 educational leve吉日 white day洗牌 shuffle the playing cards大片blockbuster街上的行人pedestrian彩票lottery精神病医生 mad doctor象棋Chinese chess两雄相遇 when Greek meets Greek口水saliva 救火 fight a fire 早恋puppy love 青春痘acne 蝴蝶结 bow 长镜头zoom lens 方便面 instant noodles 牛仔裤 jeans 不冻港 ice-free port隐形眼镜contact lenses 新闻自由freedom of press 流动资金liquid capital酸奶yoghurt 卧室 bedroom 食言break a promise 番茄酱 ketchup 宰客swindle money from customers 寒衣warm clothes吃食堂 eat in the canteen 风凉话irresponsible and sarcastic remarks 三角债chain debts 扣帽子 put a label on 大龄青年single youth above the normal matrimonial age 学习知识acquire knowledge l 定向培训 training for specific posts 抓紧时间 make the best use of one’s time宣传popularize红光满面 you look healthy and energetic 妻管严 an hen-pecked man 假牙 false tooth 假新闻 pseudo-event 假钞counterfeit money大雨heavy rain可能(会发生的)的 In the cards不眠之夜 white night 善意的谎言 White lie正规市场white market 感到不妙smell a rat搬运服务人员 redcap 靶心 Bull’s eye 书页折角 dogear 庸俗的交谈 Familiar talk鼓起勇气 pull up one’s socks 嗤之以鼻bite the thumbs at 彩色放水布American cloth 墨 China ink 复制品Chinese copy 朱红色 Chinese red 农历Chinese calendar 跳棋Chinese checker 难解之谜,极其复杂Chinese puzzle 不实的传闻Chinese whispers 存心害人的礼物Greek gift 浅灰色 French grey 自杀Dutch act不值得信任的协议 Dutch bargain 酒后之勇Dutch courage幸福的晚年,温暖的气候Indian summer 吹牛者Spanish athlete 欢迎随时光临 Irish welcome 蓝灰色,浅蓝色Russian blue皮蛋 preserved egg 元宵sweet dumplings made of glutinous rice flour 拜堂perform the marriage ceremony 眼红Green-eyed 红茶black tea 红糖brown sugar Of the present 1.8 million residents in Vancouver ,half are not native ,and one in every four is of Asian origin .The 250,000 Chinese Canadians ,half of whom immigrated here only within the recent five years, have been playing a decisive role in the economic transformation of Vancouver. Near the forest is the White Dragon Cave which is said to be the very place where Lady White, the legendary heroine of “The Story of the White Snake”, cultivated herself according to Buddhist doctrine. Yichang City is the birthplace of Chinese Bachu Culture as well as many great personalities through the ages, such as the great poet Qu Yuan and the famous beauty Wang Zhaojun. 促进: We should promote unity by furthering mutual understanding. The aim of a university should be the advancement of learning. This policy will help fuel economic growth. Hard work is the main accelerator in his successful career. 吃小灶.The teacher has promised to give these students special tuition.吃老本. We have a achieved a lot, but that doesn’t mean we can therefore rest on our laurels without aiming high. 三个臭皮匠,合成一个诸葛亮 The old saying, “Three cobblers with their wits combined would equal Zhuge Liang the master mind, ”simply means the masses have great creative power.布衣蔬食. Wear coarse clothes and eat simple food.狼牙山五壮士Five Death-Defying Armymen Resisting Japanese Aggressors on Mt.Langya毛主席问陈妻:“你们俩感情好不好?”陈妻答:“好.”主席听了感到非常高兴.Then Chairman Mao talked with Chen’s wife. He was pleased to know that they had a happy home life.下象棋我只会马走日,象走田. I only know the most basic moves of the Chinese chess.这对年轻夫妇并不相配,一个是西施,一个是张飞. This young couple is not well matched; one is a Xi Shi—a famous Chinese beauty, while the other is a Zhang Fei—a well-known ill-tempered general.你别狗咬吕洞宾,不不识好人心。Don’t snap and snarl at me when I’m trying to do my best for you. I give you my advice with the best will in the world and you turn round and lay the blame on me. 我们目前的主要任务就是很好的推广和应用科研成果. Our principle task on the present is to disseminate and apply the results of scientific and technological research.闻一多拍案而起. Wen Yiduo rose to his full height and rose the table.他告诉他父亲,他第二天该起的早. He told his father: “I shall get up earlier tomorrow.”He said to...
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