Topics: Industrial Revolution, Cotton, History of technology Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: April 11, 2013
7 December 2013
The American Industrial Revolution

Did you know that the American Industrial Revolution started in England? Interesting, right? Before the revolution started, life consisted of hard labor because everything was done by hand. As the revolution progressed, people started to use machines to do their work. Like every revolution there are some pros and cons about the results of the American Industrial Revolution. This revolution was worthwhile because inventions like the cotton gin and the inventions of other machines sparked the start of machine work, but in able to have machines you have to buy them which was very expensive. One of the pros of the American Industrial Revolution was the invention of the cotton gin. The cotton gin is a machine that separates the seeds, seed hulls, and other small objects from the fibers of cotton. This impacted the revolution because before the cotton gin, slaves would have to pick cotton from the fields, and then they separated the seeds by hand, this was very time consuming. ”The cotton gin made production a lot faster” (“American Industrial Revolution,” para 3). The cotton gin also made cotton thread go very high in demand. (“American Industrial Revolution,” para 3) People were buying cotton left and right. (“American Industrial Revolution,” para 4) This happened because we could process cotton much faster, therefore the price of cotton went from being very high to very low. Since the price was low, a lot more people could afford it. The American Industrial Revolution also sparked the inventions of many more new machines. This impacted the revolution because, before the inventions of these machines everything was done by hand. “Before the inventions, labor was very difficult for humans” (American Industrial Revolution para 4). The inventions of the Industrial Revolution made production so much easier. In human history energy to make things was that of humans. (Ellis et al.) The Inventions brought in more...

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