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Classification theory
Q1.1 Explain the need of classification in day to day life?
Ans. The need of classification
Classification is the putting of objects in to different categories or 'classes'. It is important because it helps people find certain objects with certain features quickly and efficiently. Classification has delivered important meanings in our life. In general, the Definition of classification simply means the grouping together of alike things According to common qualities or characteristics. Classification has essential Part to play especially in assisting in the search process. By classifying things into different segments it enables us to retrieve things or information that we needed to look for, without the risk of too much time consuming in retrieving that particular things or information. When we want to search about particular things in school library, for example we want to look for any information about ‘bear’, we automatically will look for animal section to find these information. It is simply because we know that bear is classified as an animal and that the terms animal is a broad Generalization of classification of bear. Animal can also be divided into subgroup such as herbivore, carnivore, mammal, reptile, and omnivore. This is an example of animal hierarchical classification. We do classification almost intuitively and without thought. It is a natural activity which doesn’t require much intelligence. Even primitive peoples will do this without thinking. For example we naturally classify dishes, plates, saucers, cups, spoons, forks, knives, etc., together since they all have one general use; i.e. for serving food on a table. Same thing with pots, pans, steamers, lids, etc. Brushes, combs, mirrors, hair pins, and so on are similarly classified together. I will be one criterion (ability to classify) which separates humans from animals. Animals can do it but they must be taught the associative processes by a human intelligence. Classification used as a tool for very simple yet infinitely crucial purpose. Its purpose is to secure an order which will be useful to readers and to those who seek information with the smallest complication of search, also known as a technique designed to expedite the full use of the knowledge stored in books and other material housed in the collection. Classification is actually pretty simple. Here is the basic process of classification:

Step 1: Choose something to classify.

Step 2: Determine the groups into which you will classify your items. It would be helpful to spend some time looking over what you are grouping to make these determinations.

Step 3: Place each item into a group based on how the item's characteristics match the characteristics of the group. For instance: In my personal life for example classification reflected in the way I maintain and organized things in my house. I classified my wardrobe into different segments such as one of my wardrobes is for my pajamas, others for my formal dress, casual, accessories, socks, foot ware, and many more. This helps me to find the right clothes when I desired and wanted to wear them so when I’m going to party I wouldn’t ends up looking for my formal dress in my pajamas section, because I classified them in one of the wardrobe. This case is an example of how classification affected in my daily life. Another thing that I classified is my collection of CDs, I classified CD according to its genre and sometimes by an artist’s name. It is helps me to find specific CD when I desired to listen to some music. In conclusion classification has an important role and is essential device for many several organizations and in many individual lives. Makes it easier to locate, retrieve, and maintain things and information. Without classification we would unable to organize things thus finds things hard since there is no index to refer to. Classification is designed to improve this limitation thus makes our life easier....
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