Notebook Essay

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Running head: THE NOTEBOOK

The Notebook
This paper will analyze the movie “The Notebook” directed by Nick Cassavetes. Different elements of analyzing the film will be examined. These elements will be discussed in detail with examples provided. The elements being discussed are as follows: intent, story, plot and meaning, theatrical elements, cinematography, editing, sound, and the summary. The filmmaker’s intent in the movie “The Notebook” is to make the story believable. Throughout the movie you can feel the love and passion the main characters have for each other. “The Notebook” is one of the most loveable movies. It’s so vivid that you almost feel like being there right next to the main characters. It’s a very touching story of true love and how Noah and Allie overcome their different social classes to be reunited, and be together happily ever after. There are some important sub themes that can be appreciated throughout the movie such as: class differences, love triangle, betrayal, decision making, and loss of memory. The moral of the story is that true love can overcome any obstacle. The two main characters of the movie are Noah and Allie. They meet in 1940 at a carnival in Seabrook Island, South Carolina. They spent a magic summer together and fall deeply in love with each other, and make plans for their future. Noah comes from a very humble family; Allie on the other hand comes from a very wealthy family. Allie’s parents didn’t like Noah since we was not wealthy like them. Allie’s disapproving parents ban her from seeing Noah again, and they were both devastated. They had no choice but to move on with their lives. Allie goes to New York to attend college, and Noah enlists to go to World War II. Allie becomes a nurse for wounded soldiers. There she met a wealthy lawyer named Lon Hammond, and soon they become engaged. Noah comes back from war to realize that his father had sold their house so that Noah could buy the Windsor plantation. Meanwhile Allie was planning her wedding to Lon. One day when Allie was trying her wedding dress on she stumbled across an article in the newspaper about Noah completing the Windsor plantation just like they had imagined one day. She decides to go back to Seabrook to visit Noah. They realize that even though they had moved on with other relationships, they still loved each other very much. In the end Allie chooses Noah and they spend the rest of their life’s together. “The Notebook” reflected on the romantic acts of love, loss, problems and the overcoming of those problems. Meanwhile the overall environment of the movie focused on the theme of love. While the over used small town from the south is presented in this American film. It proved to have high regards as a great love story. This shows that the actors succeeded the film, while the environment illuminated the performance. A great love story through film is hard to make such as horrors. To give the audience of both genders a feeling of romance is an art that one is blessed with. In our personal opinion from the experience of this film, all of the pieces were placed as well as it could relate to the novel. The film also got very positive feedback. This film is a work of art in the romantic world and will continue to influence the romantic artists for years to come. “The Notebook” used several forms of photographic techniques throughout the movie. The movie focused on the relationship between Noah and Allie, and thus the techniques supported this type of film. One of the cinematic points of view predominantly used was the subjective camera angle throughout the movie. The movie consisted of a lot of dialogue between the two primary characters. As such, there were many over the shoulder angles, and pure subjective angles from one of the characters’ perspective. This placed the viewer as a participant in the movie where facial expressions had a bigger impact. The effect was dramatic as the viewer was...

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