Note-Taking Method

Topics: Educational psychology, Audience Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: April 2, 2011
Note- taking method
Any assignment that requires you to do research, will require you to take notes. The notetaking method you adopt is purely a personal decision. With the development of technology, there are more different methods used to take notes. In term of the media people applys, we can discuss three types of methods: handwriting, electronic note-taking, and copying materials. The handwriting method is a traditional way which takes much time and requires the audience listen to the speaker carefully. When writing the notes word by word on the spot, the audience may get much pressure and feel more tired, it demands them to focus on every words the speaker said, then pick up the points to write down. But th audience may learn more useful information at the same time, the efficiency is much higher. For example, the teacher is giving a lesson in the classroom, he lists some important points, and the students should listen to the teacher carefully, handwriting the notes. Electronic method is a new way coming to the note-taking world with the help of technology, including recording, taking photos, and so on. Pens, notebooks are coming to be replaced by voice recorders, camera, MP3, mobile phone and other electronic products. By this way, what the audience need to do is just recording in the beginning of the lecture, or take photos about some points in the blackboard and the Powerpoint. It reduces the burden of audience, and more convenient. However, it is difficult to require the audience to listen to the speaker carefully, they don't need to grasp any points, they can do other things at the same time, just remember taking their electronic goods. A company invites an expert to give a lecture to its employees, he talks about some important thesis. The employee may record this speech and take some photos, which is enough for most of them.

Copying materials means the audience may do nothing in the lecture, but they copy the speaker's materials, or other...
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