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MS Excel is a spreadsheet package developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is mainly used for accounting purposes. Spreadsheet is an array of numbers or text in rows and columns .The array of grid is a place for writing numbers and perform calculations.

Some most important spreadsheet programs are follows

1. Lotus 1-2-3(Dos based)
2. VP Planner (Dos based)
3. Multiplan (Dos based)
4. MS Excel (Windows based)

Advantages of Spreadsheet

* Entering data is faster and easier
* Making changes is simpler
* Calculations on the electronic spreadsheet are almost error free. * Automatic recalculation
* Extracting meaningful information is easy

Applications of spreadsheet

Spreadsheet allows proper arranging of productwise or sales person wise of data. Any change in the market environment (like change in raw material price thus a change in final sales target) can be immediately reflected; any changes made in the above mentioned cell area will be reflected with ease and accuracy in the spreadsheet.

Inventory control
Inventory means stock. In a manufacturing unit, stock of raw materials, stock of intermediate and finished goods. It is essential that a fine balance to be maintained on these stocks so that the warehouse or the godown does not get too full nor is it under utilized.

This is an area where spreadsheet programs are wildly used to store journal entries, ledgers and trial balance sheets of the company in order to determine net profit or net loss.

The payroll system in any organization is the calculation of the payslip, which the employee gets at the end of the month. The payslip calculated by adding basic salary and other allowances, which the organization offers. Allowances are added and taxes are deducted .All the information together with employee number, name of employee, needs to be tabulated in a single spreadsheet.

University mark list

Universities are now converting their huge register containing student information into computerized tables. These tables contain information about the student, college codes, and marks scored by the student in all the subjects. The total marks are then calculated and formulated. Analysis like the pass percentage, the maximum marks, the fail percentage, and the result of each college is done by writing simple formulae.

Parts of a spreadsheet

Scrolling tab
A Cell
Name box
Menu bar
Standard toolbar
Scroll bar
Formula bar
Formatting toolbar
Status bar

Rows are horizontal. Row numbers identify rows .The number of rows from one spreadsheet to another. Likely in Lotus 1-2-3,there are 8192 rows and in MS Excel there are 65536 rows.

Columns are vertical. They are named from A to Z. Generally spreadsheet have 256 columns.

A cell is the point where the rows and column intersect. Each cell is identified by cell address. The Cell name is a combination of the row and column name. A cell address made by the intersection of column F and row 5 will be F5.A collection of these cells are called a worksheet.

Cell Ranges

The small group of cells is defined as a range. This is called a cell range. A cell range may be contiguous (A1: E9) or non contiguous (A1: E9, I10: P15)

Cell Pointer

The cursor that is present on the spreadsheet is used to move from one cell to another, this cursor is called a cell pointer, because at any instant it always pointing to a cell. Data
The most important part of a spreadsheet is data. Data is nothing but the numbers that form dates, amount, age, quantity or area. Even alphabets, which make up names, heading, titles and other text are called data. Types of data

Data in spreadsheets are of 3 types

1. Numbers
2. Text
3. Equations
These are called VALUES, LABELS, and FORMULAE.Values are numeric values that are entered in the cells, Labels are text and Formulae are nothing...
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