Not Without Fear

Topics: Neil Gaiman, Coraline Pages: 5 (2088 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Not Without Fear
It was summer time and I was wearing my West Scranton football shorts and shirt, it was a normal day in the summer I was sitting in my living room with the air conditioner turned all the way down to 60 to get a cool breeze. I was watching Iron man but I really was not that into I kept drifting off and thinking what I should do with my day. My older brothers Shawn and Anthony came to the door around 2 in the afternoon and asked me if I wanted to go swimming. I quickly galloped up the stairs and asked my mother if I could go, she said yeah just be safe. So we left and went to a place called the “Rez” it was a place where high school and college kids go to jump off rocks and have a good time, it was a nice area surrounded by trees and water was nice and cold just what I wanted. I have never been here before that day so I was hesitant to jump in but my brothers they have been here before and went right in.

I stood back and watched them jump in and out of the water and they would come and poke fun at me cause I’m the younger brother. I just turned a sophomore in high school and I was about 15. They always said that I was a “wimp” and a “mommas boy”. But it did not bother me I was used to it they would do it when they came over to visit the house from their apartment. Then these 2 kids about 10 and 11 came and started to swim and jump in and out of the water, and I stood their feeling like a punk seeing these two little kids jump in. Than one of the kids went to jump but he slipped and he hit his head and fell in the water. My brothers did not see this they were busy on the rope swing. So I panic and start yelling for them but they did not hear me. I was scared and frightened but I knew I had to do something or this kid would drown, so I jumped in, its about a 20 foot jump and I was never a fan of height. Once I hit the water it was freezing and I wanted to get right out. I started to search for the kid the water was not that deep it was about 7 feet so I swam to the bottom and I found him. I picked him up and started to swim back to the surface with him, it was a struggle and I started to run out of oxygen, but I kept calm and got to the surface. I started to swim to the closet rock to place him, by now my brothers came over and realized what was happening they helped me get him on the rock to safety. My brother was a life guard so he started to give him mouth to mouth. I stood there shivering freezing cold praying for this kid to be ok. After a couple minutes the kid started to breath and was ok. He just had a bump on his head from where fell. That moment of my life I realized I could do things that I’m scared to do and no matter what and I felt brave that even though I was terrified I did what I had to do to safe that kid.

Henry and Coraline face events throughout the story that force them to grow up and become brave. Bravery is having or displaying some sense of courage as well as being a daring individual. It is a person who lacks the qualities of being timid or cowardly. Henry and Coarline did not allow what other people or forces said or did dictate their actions. They grew up throughout the books and it affected them and forced them to do brave acts.

In Robert Paul Westons’ book Dust City, Henry Whelp a young wolf is in a juvenile detention center the Saint Remus Home for Wayward Youth for breaking a window. Henry’s father is a murder and is mother is dead. His roommate is a normal human named Jack. When Henry’s psychiatrist is found dead rumors and secrets start to emerge, including that the doctor was also treating Henry’s father .The doctor withheld letters from Henry from his father, in which his father claims that the murders he was convicted for have a large conspiracy behind them. Henry escapes the center and goes to find the truth about his father. He visits his father in jail and his father tells him that fairy dust made him do the murders, and that the fairies are still alive. He...
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