Not to Clone Essay

Topics: Cloning, Dolly, Domestic sheep Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Tasnima Khatun
TYWLS of Astoria
8th Grade Science
Teacher: Jonathan R.
November 12th 2012

Many people say that everyone in the world should have a twin or a clone. Clones, like identical twins, are exact genetic copies of each other. The difference is that twins turn up without scientists’ being involved and are born at the same time. Clones are created in the lab and can be born years apart. Cloning is controversial but I am strongly against cloning for many reasons. People should not utilize cloning because it is not safe or successful; some people find it morally wrong; it can cause overpopulation; and destroys individuality and uniqueness.

Human cloning is not safe or successful. Most clones animals died at earlier ages than normal. This is because, “Their lungs aren’t fully developed, or their hearts do not work quite right, or their livers are full of fat, among other problems. As they age, some clones grow hugely overweight and bloated.” An example of this is Dolly the sheep, the first cloned mammal; she died only after six years from a lung disease rare for sheep her age. Most sheep live twice that long. This shows how scientists have cloned an animal for the first time and have seen the problems and now they are going to work on making better changes to the cloning process. They can see that do not know all the things that are happening in and while the cloning is happening.

Also, during the process of cloning, there may be many twists and turns or lots can go wrong along the way. In the same article, it says, “… There are plenty of kinks still to be worked out. Cloning is a delicate procedure and lots can go wrong … There are lots of ways we know it doesn’t work. The difficult question is to figure out how sometimes it does.” These phrases convey how scientists still are trying to find out how to work the cloning process when there are many problems coming between it.

In the article, Animal Clones: Double...
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