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Topics: Argument, Arguments, Thought Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: March 17, 2008
1)What did you think of when you encountered the word argument as you began to read this chapter? What do you think now?

When I encountered the word "argument" at the beginning of the chapter, I thought of fighting, disagreement, and people trying to prove they are right over the other person. Now that I have finished reading the chapter, argument has a lot more meaning than just plain old disagreement. There are two types of argument, traditional and consensual arguments. Traditional argument includes Single-perspective argument, when a person is trying to convince the audience of his views, and try to get the audience to agree with them. Traditional argument also includes One-on-one arguments, which is when the person arguing is trying to get the other person to side with the arguer and believe his views and standpoints. Consensual argument is arguments focusing on getting both parties to agree on a same view, or at least the best possible solution. Consensual argument can also be two parties are trying to negotiate and come to a solution to solve the problems between them.

2)Provide three examples of your own to illustrate the statement "Arguments are everywhere."

The statement "Arguments are everywhere." is very true. In our everyday life, when we wake up, we ask ourselves "What am I going to wear today?" This is an example of the internal argument, a type of consensual argument. Two friends are trying to convince each other to go to their favorite restaurant to eat. This is an example of the One-on-One argument, a type of traditional argument. An example of negotiation, a type of consensual argument, is when two village is fighting over a certain area of the sea to catch fish to make a living, they are joined together to discuss how they can come to terms and share that area of the sea.

3)Describe traditional and consensual argument. Give two examples of each.

Traditional argument is an arguer is trying to...
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