Not So Honest Abe

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, Rhetoric Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: March 8, 2015
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Justin Rice
Laura Gibson
English 1302
23 January 2015
Not So Honest Abe
In Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address, Lincoln uses the rhetorical appeal logos to justify why the North and South were at war without pointing any of the blame at the North. He also uses rhetorical devices like diction, imagery and allusion to again explain why the North went to war without pointing any of the blame back at the North in turn.

Lincoln uses, in many cases, logos to help justify why they fought the war. One occasion, near the beginning of the speech, Lincoln says “Insurgent agents were in the city…somehow the cause of the war.” He is trying get the listeners to think that the North had no reason to go to war than the South forcing them to go. Lincoln is saying the reason for the war was slavery, which is based in the South. A little later in the speech He says “The Almighty has his own…by whom the offense came,” Lincoln is saying they went to war because God has deemed that they need to be punished for the sins of the South, because of slavery, so he sends war unto them for as long as he deems fit; which again never points in the direction of the North being at fault. Right close to the end of the speech Abraham Lincoln says “yet, if God wills…drawn with the sword” this little bit of logos is again pointing to God as the reason of the war. He is saying that until God feels repaid in blood, the war will continue to rage on, which again avoids putting any blame on the North for the war. Rice 2

Abraham Lincoln also uses rhetorical devices like diction, imagery, and allusion to show that the South and God are the reason that they had to fight the war to reinforce that the North was only there because they were forced to be. Right at the beginning of the speech Lincoln says “insurgents” and “insurgents will rend” this referring to the South as the insurgents saying they will tear apart the Union. On an earlier quote for logos Lincoln says “God wills that it...
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