Not just Soldiers (Buffalo soldiers)

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Not just soldiers
Strong, young, and proud what many men and women want to be but only some get to achieve. The Buffalo Soldiers had all those qualities they were not only soldiers but heroes. However, they were originally members of the U.S. 10th Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army, formed on 1866 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. All the regiments formed in 1866 were 9th Cavalry Regiment, 10th Cavalry Regiment, 24th Infantry Regiment and 25th Infantry Regiment. There were 25,000 men and only one woman that were part of the Buffalo Soldiers. Most Buffalo Soldiers were young, around their 17-18 year of age. One of those men was the first Buffalo Soldier to win the Congressional Medal of Honor for Action on May 20, 1870, his name is Emanuel Stance. In the other hand, it was a pride representing African Americans in high ranks like Lt. Hank Alexander, Lt. Charles Young and Lt. Henry O. Flipper did by being the only three black officers, the rest were white officers. The Buffalo Soldiers had many wars and fights one of them was The Campaign against Victorio where 24 buffalo soldiers were sent to safe the town of Tularosa, New Mexico Territory in 1880. Also, when Francisco “Pancho” Villa invades America the strong men they sent after him were two units of the Buffalo Soldiers. In 1900’s there was lots of tension between Blacks and Browns along the Rio Grande. Black Soldiers in 1906 were marching into Brownsville, Texas. The march became into Brownsville’s Attack where 10 Buffalo soldiers were held as hostages. On that same year all Buffalo Soldiers were discharged in Brownsville Affairs. A huge Riot came years after in 1917, when 24th Infantry Soldiers in Houston instead of just arresting a black woman they beat her, which left 16 dead and 22 injured. Houston Race Riot ended and with this 40 Buffalo Soldiers were hanged, which led to the point that they would not fight for the U.S. again. Buffalo Soldiers were African Americans that served proudly in American...
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