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Topics: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Belbin Team Inventory, Personality psychology Pages: 12 (4402 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Part A.
Part A of this report is analysis and justification my learning styles, preferences, indicate strength and weakness; and give methods for enhancement in lifelong learning. These will support the evidence to my future, career choice and my chose topic for discussion in Part B.

To make sense of how I learn, I have examined a number of investigations. The questionnaires used to conducting my preferred learning style are Belbin Team-Role Self-Perception Inventory, Myers Briggs Type Indicator and VARK. In addition I reinforce the implication by the Honey and Mumford Learning Style Questionnaire, Jung’s Typology Questionnaire and Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences test. This is meaningful because it tells where and who I am; and where I can go. Therefore I can determine strategies for each single component in my life, such as how to learn a new language or run a fund for life. Then I could give advice to myself, or to others. Section 1

1.1 The best way for my learning
Overview and result
The first test I took was VARK Questionnaire “How do we learn best” (Appendix A1) VARK can examine the one’s various styles in learning. It can be simple inventory for individual to intuitively understand and apply to practice. The test was introduced by Fleming (2001) and it based on the VAKOG Neuro Linguistic Programming, which was formulated by Bandler Richard and John Grinder (Tosey and Mathison, 2006). Fisher stated that: when such tests are available we may discover whether a second sample is or is not significantly different from the first (1925). I realized that if I performed the test once in a time, it is not represent for test of significance. I took three tests, first on 17 October 2011; second on 30 October 2011; and third on 10 January 2012. The results of theVARK tested conducted, and the outcomes is tabulatedbelow and depicted in the Appendix A1. | 17/10/2011| 30/10/2011| 10/01/2012|

Visual (V)| 5| 7| 4|
Aural / Auditory (A)| 7| 7| 5|
Read/write (R)| 11| 14| 11|
Kinesthetic (K)| 12| 11| 11|
Figure 1.1: The most and least preferred styles of my personal learning - VARK

From this result I can understand myself and how to work with others; and assists to learn more effectively in many situations.This shows that my tendency learning is on two styles: Read/Write and Kinesthetic (RK).

Justification and implementation
The reference in Read/Write component is no surprise to me. To justify the results of VARK, I took quick review my past. WhenI was in primary school, I appreciated the math and literature lesions. My article was also read and speared around the school. I would like to read many books for one issue, then I write all in a guide note. In fact, I never read that note again. However, when I noted on paper, all information was transfer to my brain automatically. So thatI can recall quickly as a reflector learning style and improve quality of my writing. These could be the reason for my 3-continuous-year success in the Le Qui Don Prize.

There is state of amazement in kinesthetic performance. I am not interested and attentionto practice or trial. Even my mother said that I have too many reason to carry out something. However, I prefer to behave the same outcomes in different way. I tend to readthrough all the guide line to use 2 source of light in portraitphotography. I did notfollow teacher's instruction. I do my own test. After few days, I concluded that instructor was right. I did not re-invent the wheel, but I gain a great of experience in setting up and using bounce light.

Fleming recommends a 'Multimodal Study Strategies' for my multiple preferences because I have two strong preferences Read/write and Kinesthetic (RK). This one gives me choices of three for my learning and interaction with others. I am flexible and free to switch from mode to mode depending on the situation I am working with. With study context, I choose the single mode R to suit...
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