Northridge Earthquake

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Northridge Earthquake

Chapter OneIntroduction
Chapter TwoEarthquake
Chapter ThreeAftermath
Chapter FourConclusion


What makes the Northridge Earthquake so remarkable is that it is one of the few earthquakes that ever really erupted in a suburban area, the most money was put into repairs and reconstruction, it happened in a place such as America in an area with a huge population and the Earthquake affected many areas of American life such as the relocation of the studio of the writing team of the popular animated sitcom The Simpsons which was beginning it’s sixth season, it dominated the news and is still being talked about today.

The Northridge Earthquake

The Northridge Earthquake happened on January 17th 1994 at 4:30am.The Earthquake began in the San Fernando Valley about 20 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles in a normal neighbourhood called Northridge hence the name.

The epicentre of the earthquake was in Reseda near the intersection of two boulevards. It took several days to pinpoint the exact location of the epicentre and meanwhile the media had called it “The Northridge Earthquake”. The National Geophysical Data Centre places the hypocenters geographical whereabouts in an area proximity to the San Andreas Fault but this didn't cause the actual incident but actually happened because of an undiscovered blind thrust fault. Aftermath

Damage went covered an area up to 85 miles away, with much of the damage in the west cities of the San Fernando Valley.

It is speculated that around 57 people died as the result of the earthquake with 72 deaths attributed to it. A large number (9,000) of people suffered injuries as a result of the earthquake. An apartment complex was one of the biggest damaged buildings to collapse in which 16 people were killed. The Northridge Fashion Centre also had some damage to it’s structure with the collapse of the parking area. There was major freeway...
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