Northern Lights Limited

Topics: Customer, Good, Supply chain management terms Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: August 20, 2013
Situation Analysis for Northern Lights Limited
From what I can see the current situation has pushed NLL to a crossroad.NLL has been one of those companies which have valued their customer relationships and have provided customised goods to its customers at correct prices and also never compromised on efficient after sale services as well as services like transportation and even resorted in market forecasting. Even during the times of erratic price rise NLL maintained the prices of the goods to sell in order to maintain strong relationships with its customers NLL has never dwelled in any kind of flattery in regards to its customer through sponsoring events etc since its has always prided for keeping a strict professional relationship with its customer, but it has been observed that the market share of NLL has shown gradual decline in recent times, a sponsorship opportunity provided by APL might prove to be beneficial since it might help NLL to further strengthen their relationships with its most important customer i.e. APL. The top management might not dwell to other buyers if an active involvement of NLL in APL’S event is visible. But again APL’s rank in market circles, have declined majorly over last few years and also there is a decline in the orders i.e. in a way APL also requires NLL as much as the latter requires the former since APL has an idea how NLL functions because of their exclusive partnership since 1945. Moreover APL has always been inclined upon quality rather than price when it comes for the goods. Hence NLL has always provided APL with quality finished goods. A sponsorship event asked to be conducted by NLL for APL in order to facilitate APL’s own company’s employees is in a way too much to ask for since APL knows NLL’s working policy but again it has also provided NLL with referrals in the past. NLL shall not be seeing any potential clients at the event and it will just be an assumption that APL might provide new prospects to NLL. They are in a...
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