Northern Indian Cuisine
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The Distinctive Northern Indian Cuisine
After discovering that I must write a research paper on a topic of choice from India, I immediately decided that the cuisine of India was of most interest. I am one that loves food, and I enjoy foods of other cultures. I am Greek, so I love European foods, and India is a bit of a change from what I am used to, therefore I was interested in the food of India. My task is to research the cuisine of Northern India. Features of the Northern Indian cuisine that interest me are the history and the current style of the Northern Indian cuisine. I am always interested in seeing how a culture progresses over time.
India has rich and varied cooking traditions, many deeply trapped with spiritual traditions that are thousands of years old. Other cooking styles arrived throughout India 's long history with those who wandered into the land from afar and settled here and there. Still others have been shaped by the natural forces of climate and geography. These many cooking styles can be generally divided into four regional cuisines, with north Indian flavors and style standing out distinctly from the rest.
The northern part of India is said to be part of the India in which the influence of the early light-skinned Aryan invaders can still be seen, in the cuisine, culture, and language. This is the part of the world in which Sanskrit is believed to have evolved. Due to climate and growing conditions, wheat plays a stronger role in northern Indian cuisine than in other areas of the country.
There are many states that make up the Northern Indian cuisine. Kashmiri cuisine is a unique blend of Indian, Iranian, and Afghani cuisines. It is essentially meat-based and centered on a main course of rice. Unlike the Brahmins in other parts of the country, the Kashmiri Brahmins are nonvegetarian. Punjabi cuisine is simple, substantial, and robust, reflecting the extremes in climate and the industrious nature of its people. It forms a distinctive part


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