North Korea Nuclear Program

Topics: North Korea, World War II, United States Pages: 5 (1882 words) Published: August 22, 2013
North Korea had prevailed to become the 8th atomic power in the world, since the construction of their second nuclear test in 2006. While then the United States and other international community countries have attempted to negotiate deals in order to denuclearize their nation. To this day North Korea has progressed technologically in advancing their development of nuclear ordnance. The sociological trend throughout the past decade in North Korea varies, but carries a common ideal. North Korea has inclined the need to become more powerful and create a security dilemma for its country. They have protected themselves through the threat of their nuclear influence and ambitions in taking out their ideal hegemony in the world, the United States. Their importance as a state is not about their poverty or the lack of funds to feed their people, but more so the military power and threat it can uphold to other countries. North Korea pursues an offensive realism theory in wanting to seek maximum power within the military system becoming obsessed with nuclear power. In international relations there are perspectives that are used to analyze decisions nations make in the world. The realist perspective focuses on conflict and war. North Korea acquires the tendency to use this perspective quite often. They’re realist side threatens war in order to gain power and control over other super powered countries. In a New York Times article from 2006, “North Korea announced that it had successfully conducted its second nuclear test, defying international warnings and drastically raising the stakes in a global effort to get the recalcitrant Communist state to give up its nuclear weapons program”(Onishi). The goal here is to decentralize the distribution of power, and generate an intimidation in order to receive more resources from countries that may feel threatened. Balance of power does not exist within North Korea’s philosophy, but instead it craves the possibility of obtaining more power. Because the United States contains military power in South Korea, North Korea is inclined to feel as if they are being controlled, when in reality they are only receiving the feedback from countries they had given out with the declaration of nuclear growth and testing. Although the United States is both a main target and threat, other countries also feel that North Korea is producing fear within Russia, Japan, China, and South Korea. During a six-nation talk in 2006 Mr. Harrison alleged in Beijing when returning form the capital of North Korea, ‘It is a significant new development because it underlines that North Korea is enhancing its weapons capability,''(Reuter) from the North Korean realist perspective, this is the exact reaction that will satisfy a countries efforts in potentially owning more power and control over other nations. Within the realist perspective, prisoner’s dilemma is far more spiteful in comparison to the choices made in different viewpoints. In a realist stance during prisoner’s dilemma, there would be the example of North Korea claiming to denuclearize, where in return the United States would provide resources to North Korea’s impoverished country. In 2007 North Korea agreed to dismantle their nuclear program, but later during one of the six-party talks in among the Unites States and five other countries North Korea claimed, “We will never again take part in such talks and will not be bound by any agreement reached at the talks"(Reuters) This is in reference to how the United States was in agreement with North Korea in taking a step to remove them from nuclear work, and failed to follow through with their arrangement. This portrays realism in the fact that they chose to obtain power over settlement of an issue. In prisoner’s dilemma realist have the intention of ignorantly defecting the other country, in this case North Korea taking advantage of the resources given to them from the United States while still going against their agreement to...
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