North and South Growing together, the differences it makes

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North and South Growing Together: The Differences It Makes
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North and South Growing Together: The Differences It Makes
The Global North and South are in a state of change, that can continue to grow further from a real and loving relationship with God, or become a religion that is closer to what Christ had intended for all us. In the north we see a rise in an individualism, a idea that forgets the evil (SIN) in religion, substitutes God’s grace for self-knowledge, and makes Christ mission about self help instead of global defeat and global salvation. “Jesus, who became the Christ of faith, suggested that the gospel need some concretization within cultures for it to have a capacity to transform destructive tendencies in them. The evangelizing objective was to seek life-giving elements in cultures which could “give flesh” to the gospel vision of reconciliation, peace, justice, compassion, and love.”1

The development of the Christian life and message in context with cultural living is not always clear and can be manifested appropriately in a specific cultural context, however but is not always clear with keeping to the Jesus traditions and Christian traditions at less. Christian traditions are built on Jesus traditions; however, where there is man there is error in caring out Christ’ traditions and teachings without personal characteristics interfering with the inerrant word of God. We are not capable on our own to carry out God’s will without the guidance of the Spirit. Some may ask how the life changing and life giving elements of God’s grace and God’s word determine through culture the true perspective and vision of the gospel?2

Pedro Arrupe, the former Superior General of the Roman Catholic Jesuit order stated that faith in Christ can be achieved globally if we work to bring the Gospel needs concretization within cultures for...

Bibliography: Thomas Grenham, (2001). Exploring changing religious, cultural, and faith identities in an
African context. Retrieved on August 25, 2013 from, PDF.
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