North and South Differences

Topics: Slavery, Religion, Economic system Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: April 15, 2014
When the pioneers from Great Britain came to “The new world”, now known as America, they located themselves all over this new land that they had discovered. They divided themselves up into colonies. They had colonies in the north and colonies in the south, both being different from each other do to the climate and geography. In the northern colonies the main economic goals were centered on the industrial business side of things. They produced tons of goods, which allowed them to be able to trade a lot of what they produced. Also they did a lot of fishing, which was a major business in the northern colonies. The southern colonies, unlike the northern colonies, had an economic system based on agriculture and plantations. They also kept their economy growing by having imported or forced labor with the slave trade going on. The south had a lot of hard work that needed to be done and they needed people to do it for them, so they saw slavery as a solution to that problem. The north on the other hand, like I said, was industrial based so they didn’t have a ton of hands on working jobs like the south. The Labor wasn’t near as hard for the north so they didn’t really get into slavery that much. Religion in the northern and southern colonies was also a little bit different. In the north there were more religious settlements, which means that they had more of freedom when it came to religion and things like that. In the south religious activities aligned with Angicans. Which means they did things like the people in Great Britain did. They had the same views on religion as the Britain’s and didn’t have very much freedom in their religion views. The social views from the northern colonies believed that above all that their time should be spent in productive labor. They had large families and enjoyed drinking. They sang, dance, and made music but did all of these things at the appropriate time, and didn’t get excessive with how much they did it. They did not see sex as...
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