North American racial ideologies

Topics: United States, North America, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: April 25, 2014
Racial ideologies have tremendous impact on the societies, particularly those with mixed races. The practice of racial prejudice and stereotypes changing a society can be seen from 1500-1830 in North America, and of Latin America and the Caribbean. In both regions, the effects of racial ideologies can best be seen in the treatment of natives to the region and of slaves. But, because of the strong influence of different European nations, and their differing standards, contrasting societal effects can be observed depending on who was responsible for the colonization of the region. The idea of European superiority and dominance drove the social structure of the "new world", (consisting mainly of North and Latin Americas and the Caribbean). Because of this dominant racial ideology, the native peoples of both regions were often subjects of discrimination and oppression. The extent of their mistreatment differed, as in North America they were simply pushed aside or confined to a certain area to live, while in the Caribbean and Latin America they were forced into servitude and labor. The dominant racial ideology of Europeans also fueled the slave trade that was prominent in the time period of 1500-1830, which involved shipping African slaves to the the Americas to increase the productivity of the colonies. In both areas, slaves were basically property, bought, sold, and traded to do specific and often labor intensive tasks. The idea of European dominance directly influenced this practice in both regions. As with the discrimination of native peoples and the continued practice slave trading in both regions was an occurrence with its roots found in racial ideologies. The colonists of the new world, those who traveled from Europe to the Americas, or those born in the Americas of European descent implemented the total colonization of both regions. In North America, there was a predominantly British influence on society since this...
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