North American Colonisation

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, European colonization of the Americas Pages: 4 (1035 words) Published: September 13, 2012
The colonisation of North America by the Europeans became one of the most crucial points for the native North Americans. The differing experiences of contact between both cultures had overwhelmingly disastrous impacts on the normal way of life. From such contact arose the issue of land disputes, in turn resulting in massacres and frontier wars which could have otherwise been unnecessary. The factors stated above provide a suitable stimulus for a discussion in regards to the varying encounters of the Indigenous North Americans.

A calamitous result of contact between the Indigenous North Americans and the European colonists was the massacre of many innocents and the frontier wars which caused heavy damage and losses on both sides. The problem mainly arose from English settlement on the coast, which gradually increased in size and moved inwards on to lands owned by Native North Americans. Quarrels over land between the two peoples developed, and disagreements would lead to the death of a settler or Indian, and in turn these conflicts would mainly result in war.

The differing ways of life was a main cause for fighting between the white people and the Red Indians. While some Indians grew crops, all natives hunted big game, and lives of tribes would resolve around wild animals. In the East, white settlers had cleared a lot of land for agricultural purposes, driving wild animals away from their natural habitats. In the West, white hunters would kill many big game for their skins. Natives were faced with a difficult decision - to move to a new hunting ground, where they would be met by a hostile tribe, or to fight for their land. European settlers were threatening the security and lifestyle of the Red Indians, and did not respect their rights.

Wars between the whites and the Indians would have eventually ended in the outnumbering of the natives, pushing them westwards. The numbers of the native American population had dropped dramatically since European...

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