Norse Mythology Vs Greek Mythology

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A huge part of the spiritual and the intellectual values of today stemmed from combining the ideals of Greek and Norse mythology. By looking at the beliefs held today and those from the beginning of time, a lot of similarities can be found. It is amazing that these two vastly different ideals were able to combine in order to help shape society today. Greek mythology was created in order to break away from the horrors of a barbaric world, and therefore is more enchanted, dreamy, and joyous. Whereas, Norse mythology is much more dark, and is full of doom. Although there are few similarities between the two, what is more obvious is the stark differences between Greek and Norse mythologies.

Creation, as told by the Greeks is vastly different in comparison to creation told by the Norse. In Greek mythology, the Gods did not create the universe, the Gods were created by the universe. The very first descendents of chaos were Night, Heaven, Day, and Earth. The Gods were descendants of Mother Earth and Father
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In Greek mythology, Zeus is the Lord of the Sky, and Ruler of all gods. He is the most powerful god, and has the power to induce fear. Zeus is supposed to uphold the standards of all right and wrong however, this is not always the case. He often entertains numerous affairs with mortal women, and enjoys causing trouble for all mankind. Zeus is the source of kingly power in Greece. In Norse mythology, Odin is also the father of the Sky and the Ruler of Gods. Although, both Zeus and Odin have similar roles in their myths their personalities could not be more different. Odin is always shown as being strange, disconnected, solemn, this is most likely a result from the constant threat of doom. While Zeus, is portrayed as more of a douche; he has constant affairs with women, and wreaks havoc on mankind on a day to day

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