Normalization: Environment and Children

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Explain how the role of the teacher changes in the process of the child’s growing normalization. In this essay I will describe the role of the teacher changes in the process of the child’s growing normalization. The term normalization has a specialized meaning. “Normal” does not refer to what it is considered as “ typical” or “average” or even “ usual”. ( Lecturer given by Dr. Rita (2006) ,indicate that Normalization is a technical word borrowed from the field of anthropology. It means becoming a contributing member of the society. It was the discovery of Montessori observation of the children that was allowed freedom in an environment suited to their needs, they blossom and after a period of intense concentration, working with materials that fully engage their interest, children appear to be refreshed and contented. Besides that, through continued concentrated work of their choice, children will grow in their inner discipline and peace. She called this process “normalization” cited it as “the most important single result of our whole work” (Montessori,2007)Through my teaching experience teaching children coming from different background and nationality. I was able to witnessed myself how satisfied normalized children and to the teacher to see children are engage in meaningful activities and posses the characteristic of a normalize child .Montessori found that it did not matter what sort of child it was but the characteristics of the ‘ normalized’ child is evident for the love of order, love for work, spontaneous concentration, attachment to reality, love for silence and of working alone, sublimation of the possessive instinct, spontaneous self-discipline, and joy. ( Standing, 1957) The transformations of the child was phenomenon to me when the child started school by crabbing toys from classmates, showing tantrum when the toys was not given to him and lack of discipline and order. The calmness and normalization appear when the environment is provided to the child. I tried to engage the child with the materials interest him. The behavior was not an immediate disappearance but with consistent effort to explained to the child to work on the activities in the class he or she could work on and bepatience to wait for another’s turn. Gradually I see tremendous change and what a loving and bright child I discovered in this child who was causing misbehavior traits. Montessori referred to these misbehavior as “deviation” , or detours from normalization. The deviation is created when development is not allowed to proceed in a normal way. If the child misbehavior is not correct, it will only become worse as time progresses in the child’s life. Deviation could be classified in two categories. The first is deliberate which adult –fostered and thesecond is non-deliberate that those are not fostered by adults. Deliberate deviations are caused by the lack of purposeful activities at home or in school environment. Thechildren feel the need to be constantly entertained. There are continually bouncing between toys, TV and computer time to alleviate boredom, but nothing holds their interest for very long. These children may also have the tendency to cling to parents. This could be the result of the child’s independence has been denied and they are unable to recognize themselves as a separate person. There are several deviation that are not fostered by adults and are often seen as “ normal” stages of development. Montessori referred to there as deviations as fugues and barriers. ( Montessori , 1972) And deviations that are demonstrated by the strong and the weak. ( Montessori, 2007) In the Montessori classroom, it is described as the third factor of the environment changes the nature of the children’s learning and the teacher’s role. (MCI, undated) The teacher’s role to prepare the suitable and favorable environment with the aims and objectives are clear to the children’s...
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