Nonverbal Experiments

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Nonverbal Experiments
Everyone will do Experiment #1 – A Mute Point
Choose 3 additional experiments – follow the directions and have fun!

1. A mute point – We will all do this on the same day!
You can not talk for one entire day. Document your frustrations, your “oops” moments, reactions from others, and if any new revelations came about from not speaking. Make sure you wear your sign!

2. Disregarding the Norm
Go to a crowded public space. Intentionally go against the grain in some way. This could be walking around the mall with one hand raised above you head; standing in an elevator “backwards”; etc. You are open to doing anything that is not the norm. Document what you did and the reactions it got.

3. Proximity experiment
Changing your proximity to someone while communicating can change the dynamics and the message you are sending out. Stand in the “incorrect” proximity ranges for what the communication would normally call for. For example – stand really close to someone you are not in the “intimate” range with. Stand farther away from someone who you would normally be in their inner circle. Document 2 of these situations with what you did and the reactions you got.

4. The power of the eyes
Flirting with no words at all can be very powerful. Choose your “subject” with care. In a crowded area such as the commons during lunch, choose a person you do not know and flirt with them with your eyes. Remember the 2, 4 6 second increments. Smile and turn on the charm (Do not go silly) Document what you did and what their reaction was. Note their nonverbals, were they looking back? Did they look uncomfortable? You will need to talk to them to get the answers to the following questions.

BE NICE – Explain you were doing a social experiment for class and ask if you can ask them some questions. 1. Did they know that you were trying to “flirt”?
2. At what point did they realize it?

Thank them for participating.

5. Are actions...
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