Nonverbal communications

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Nonverbal Communications

Unspoken intentions

Louis O. Rollins


Business 501: Business Communications
Dr. Howard Fero


Even though we live in a society that is driven by electronic communications and methods of communication such as wireless cellular phones, computers, tablets. We will look at the nonverbal communication aspect and how it affects the workplace. The subtle signals and signs that make up nonverbal communication are something that we can’t turn off and can often be misunderstood in their meaning and transmission. This helps us to look at the key issues and the underlying issues on the effects plus the messages of nonverbal communication. The facts that affect these issues there are many but we will restrict our analysis to the effects at the workplace. We‘ll look at tentative solutions that may or may not work based on the information that we have and the implementation of these solutions. Then the effects and any contingency plans must be analyzed to see if the solution is working, that means we will have to explore the contingencies for our particular courses of action. The tentative answers that we will explore here will give the reader a starting point for reading and understanding how some nonverbal signals can be misinterpreted.

Issues and underlying issues
One of the issues that we are faced with is a director has apparently become too familiar with a co-worker who was recruited and hired to work in the sane department as the director. Her accomplishments have been many, she doesn’t have any subordinates but her supervisor does in addition to her he has another five people that report directly to him. Their relationship has been good but both of them have gone through a divorce in their personal lives. They have always gotten along well but it seems that the relationship is becoming uncomfortable for the subordinate as the director has been taking her to private lunches and dinners to “discuss projects”. The key issues are the possibility of a potential lawsuit of sexual harassment and the dismissal of a valuable employee who had tenure with the company. The other employees could launch discrimination suits against the director and the company if the conduct has been observed outside of the office environment in conjunction with any unscheduled promotions for the employee in question. Other issues that we see in this example are the potential breakdown of all communication in the department leading to a possible shutdown of operations while the department is reorganized. Underlying causes is the familiarity that each has with the other, the fact that the director recruited the subordinate, they both have been through a divorce and have been working closely together. These factors along with looking at the communication model (pg. 28 Managerial Communication Strategies and Applications; Geraldine Hynes fifth edition 2011), we see that employees and managers have been trustworthy, open, closed and defensive has a cumulative effect on the relationship. We must consider the cultural effect in this case as the female (subordinate) is Latina, there are a lot of cultural norms that are different between the two even though they have worked together for at least two years. We also know that any nonverbal body language signals can be ambiguous at best and can be misinterpreted. (Louder than Words: The Hidden Power of Nonverbal Communication in the Workplace: Fred C Lunenburg 2010) Lastly how is all this activity affecting everyone else? The communication between the other employees and the director, we all know that the rumor-mill is out of control at this point especially with the culture of offices and the way that information is leaked before it comes to the supervisor. The Facts: just the facts

This is what we know at this point in the case: the director (Art Margulis) recruited the subordinate (Maria Lopez) for her job and that she works in...

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