Nonverbal Communication and Best Possible Service

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1.1 Identify different reason people communicate.

There are many reasons why we communicate.
In my personal life I communicate with my husband, children, my relatives to: * Exchange information.
* Express feelings (express my needs and concerns).
* Build confidence (with my children).
* Offer support.
* Maintain relationships.
* Help with learning (with my children).
In my setting I communicate with children, parents and work colleagues to: * Promote relationships and offer support.
* Build confidence and self-esteem.
* Set boundaries (with children).
* Build and maintain relationship (with parent, children and colleagues). * Support learning (with children).
* Exchange information (with parents and colleagues).
* Solve conflicts.
In my setting and in personal life I need to communicate with adults and professionals like doctor, teachers, nurses, speech therapists and social workers to: * Exchange information.
* Express concerns.
* Get support and help.


SHC 31
1.2 Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting.

In my setting I need to communicate effectively with children, parents, colleagues to build relationships and develop trust. Building good relationships and developing trust will create a positive working environment in which 1. Children’s holistic development is supported.

2. Parents will know that they can trust us , because information is regularly shared and any concerns addressed because our environment encourages open communication. 3. By working together as a team we will provide the best possible service for the children and transitions ( such as settling in ) are managed sensitively To communicate with children I need to kneel and be at eye level with them. I need to give them time to absorb what I am saying. I need to use open ended questions and show respect and try to understand their point of view. The benefit will be that children will feel able to communicate with me develop trust and feel safe in my care. To communicate with parents I need to use their first name (if they wished), be very clear about what I say, respond as quickly as I can to concerns, give feedback regarding children’s development. I need to show respect and use positive body language to show that am listening. I need to listen with sympathy and understanding, and give support at the appropriate time The benefit of good communication is that parents will feel respected and we will develop trust. With my colleagues I need to work together as a team with the common aim to provide the best possible service for children. I need to communicate effectively because If a child is allergic e.g. to eggs I need to let them know and write it down where everyone working in the nursery can see it displayed. I need to build a good working relationship with my colleagues by exchanging information about children, offering support if the need .4

2.2 Describe the factors to consider when promoting effective communication.

We need to consider individual needs to have an effective communication. I need to be flexible in the choice of methods and beware of barriers to communication. Environment
When I am having a face to face communication I have to be aware of the environment because this can influence communication. Noise, lighting, smells and decoration can affect communication. A noisy environment can affect communication so we need to find a quiet place to talk and feel relaxed when we need to have an effective communication. Personal space

By saying personal space we mean the distance between us and the other person. Sometimes is called proximity or physical proximity. Psychologists believe that invasion of personal body space can cause violent outbursts. So we have to consider personal body space when we communicate with children, parents and colleagues. To...
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