Nonverbal Communication

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Nonverbal Communication in the Library

The study of nonverbal communication is important in that it is relative to everyone’s daily lives. Nonverbal communication is present in all communication, and many times holds more validity and importance in what it is being said when compared to verbal communication. While taking this course, nonverbal cues that are important in being able to decipher specific meanings were easier detected.

While sitting in the library, attempting to list three specific examples of nonverbal communication that I have encountered, it occurred to me that it was all happening under my nose. In attempt to prove that nonverbal communication surrounds us in our everyday lives, I will list and describe three important nonverbal forms of communication that I encountered all while sitting at this table in the library.

Territoriality, as defined by Hall in Chapter 5 as “behavior characterized by identification with a geographic area in a way that indicates ownership and often involves defense of this territory against perceived invaders,” is a commonly seen form of nonverbal communication seen in the library, especially during the week of finals. In font of me sits a student sitting at a large square table. With headphones on, and his belongings spread out on the table, he has claimed this table as his territory. This student made his bag and his books “territorial markers,” which are objects that are used to designate spatial area. His attempt at preventing invasion is evident in his choice to place his bag and his books on the desk and the adjacent chair. Although this desk can be considered public territory, this student seems to have a greater perceived ownership of it. When approached by another male and asked if the other side of the desk was being used, he grunted a reply as to implicitly say that nobody was specifically using the other side of the desk, but that the new student’s presence was unwanted. Because it is...
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