Nonverbal Communication

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Emotion Pages: 3 (1244 words) Published: November 17, 2013
Owners and CEOs can all agree that communication is very important to be successful in the business world. It can be one of the most important foundations of a relationship, be it personal or professional. Not only listening and speaking, but one’s nonverbal communication is vital to their prosperity. Certain nonverbal cues include personal appearance, posture, gesture and facial expressions. One’s aptitude to grasp and understand these cues can be an integral part in understanding and connecting with others as well as expressing oneself in a positive manner. Interaction is a part of everyday life which is done by close to everyone in the world. No matter the conversation, wordless signals are given and received continuously. Even when sitting silent, communication is still evident. An indirect relationship can be seen in what is said and how one actually feels. Often times, what it is the opposite, and what is said it not always what is meant. In order to understand others, one must be able to distinguish other’s feeling by nonverbal cues. They are naturally and unconscious. It is a language that portrays intents and feelings at any given moment (Segal and Smith, Help Guide, 2013, p.1). Nonverbal cues can tell a lot about a person, whether they are trustworthy, honest or even interested in the conversation. In order to become a better communicator, one must not only be aware of the cues given off by others, but their own cues as well. Within these nonverbal cues, there are five roles that can be portrayed. The first is repetition or repeating the message the person is verbally saying. This shows that one is invested in the conversation. The next verbal cue is contradiction, which can be seen as a way to disagree with the message being conveyed by the speaker. Substitution can be one of the more important roles. It is the way nonverbal cues are implemented in place of actual words. If the speaker states something out of the norm, and a listener rolls his or...
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