Nonverbal Communication

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Nonverbal communication plays a great role in customer’s perceptions of customer service. Most face-to-face communication is done by nonverbal communication instead of words. Two-thirds of what we do and send message wise is done in nonverbal communication.

Nonverbal communication is important because it is more believable than verbal communication. Our nonverbal communication sometimes contradicts and sends mixed messages to customers. Nonverbal communication is looked at as a group of messages that serve a purpose or function.

Nonverbal communication is defined as everything except words. It can be portrayed as a message verbally and with correct body signals. They include your gestures, signals, and physical features that you send to others at a conscious and unconscious level space that you use when communicating with others.

Nonverbal communication strengthens a first impression in common situations. First encounters or interacting with another person strongly affects a person’s lifestyle.

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Nodding of head is a signal agreement and indicates that they listen to the speaker. Gestures the use of head, arms, shoulder to accentuate verbal message gain attention, clarify or describe further, emphasize a point. There are different voice cues: Pitch -changes in voice tone, Volume -degree of loudness, Rate of speech-speed, Voice- quality raspy, nasal, hoarse, Articulation -pronunciation clarity of words usage, Pauses, Silence, Semantics -choice of words (jargon). Nonverbal communication has various effects on customer service. Personal knowledge and growth increases, awareness of similarities important, must learn about cultures, habits, values and beliefs, requires action plan for learning about culture and people. These negative nonverbal communications are displayed and cause negative effects. Unprofessional handshake, fidgeting-hand-wringing, throat-clearing, playing with items while u speak, licking lips, drumming...

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