Nontraditional and Traditional Litigation Paper

Topics: Dispute resolution, Mediation, Arbitration Pages: 3 (714 words) Published: March 18, 2012

Nontraditional and Traditional Litigation Paper
Rulon Huntsman
July 21, 2011
Week One
Option Two

Nontraditional and Traditional Litigation Paper
When learning what litigation is and how to use it in the legal system can have a lasting effect on the court systems. In this paper will clarify the legal issues presented in the Litigation and Alternatives Video. The alternative dispute resolution (ADR) works as options to resolving certain issues in the litigation process. The attorney’s fees and filing lawsuits is part of the consequences that litigation is a very expensive process. The expense of Litigation is not only time-consuming, but the outcome can cause emotional damage and extremely unpredictable. The alternative dispute resolution includes arbitration and mediation is methods to resolve certain litigation inadequacies. Learning how mediation and arbitration is presented as third party for neutral ground. When using arbitration and mediation both parties can avoid the litigating dispute process by employing a mediator as a non-binding procedure that arbitrator use in binding procedures. However, arbitrators can become comparable to judges in making certain resolutions about the evidence and written opinions presented. However, one Arbitrator conducts the procedures, when creating from each side. Both parties have the option to select arbitrators to use for individual parties. When Arbitration is directed they tend to render written decisions that usually resolve matters of dispute. Using Mediators can have a very good success rate performing as a third party in a neutral environment. A mediator does not have to become time consuming and in a malicious attempt to scare either party into backing out of the dispute process. According to Business Law,’ Mediation works as a representative that negotiates disputes both parties are trying to reach a settlement of their...
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