Nonprofit Organization

Topics: Marketing, Non-profit organization, Voluntary association Pages: 9 (2352 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Try to make profit to support their operation and fund its mission

Need to define the distinct benefits to be offered and communicated to the donors

CSR program of corporate (show our differentiation point) message

Fundraising for donation still have more opportunity for the organization. Annual fund appeals?
Special events?
Extend the strategy of corporate donations
Cause-related marketing – budget constraint????

Background of the organization (1/2 page)
History (Non-financial Objectives) Mick
1. What is your true inspiration to start up the idea of helping blind people? 2. Any story to tell? Any struggles?
3. What is you company objective and vision?
4. What/How is your plan to achieve that objective
The organization was established in 1993 with the key objective to support blind people to be employed in order to take care of themselves instead of being a burden on others in the society, at least, like what they had been perceived as a beggar. Making them one of normal people who can live ordinarily in the society like anybody else. It started from only teaching blind people to do traditional medical treatment and extended their abilities and professions to other area including providing them an education. The inspiration came the owner himself, since he was the first blind people who get the royal scholarship to study abroad. Therefore, his objective in life to support blind people in every way he can. After he graduated, he got selected as the president of Thai association of the blind for three years and established the foundation for the employment promotion of the blind. According to the owner’s beliefs that blind people can sense from touching better that normal people and this the reason why he chose Thai massage as the first priority job for blind people in his organization. President of Thai Blind Union

Committee of hosting World Blind Union General Assembly on 8th November 2012

Organization Structure (Non-financial Objectives) (1/2 page) Committee
* 1 president
* 6 members
* 1 p’maam (General Manager)
* 6 people are the staff which included blind people who volunteer to be the staff here or the massager (Admin) * 400 blind people at the training course outside bkk area

Description of business (Non-financial Objectives) (1/2 page) * What does it do
* What are its product/ service
* Sales (now and previously)
* Company goal (market-related)
Business Description & Key Distinct Characteristic (NOT YET) 5. Can you explain about your organizational structure?
6. Apart from helping blind people by teaching them to have professions, is there any other product/service you offer? 7. Can you describe sales model of the company?
8. What are the factors that impact your sales strategy?

Key Competitors (Mick) (1 page)
9. How do firms compete in this business?
a. Compete for money
b. Compete for employer
c. Compete with blind organization
The company perceived their direct competitors as the for-profit Thai massage that service by normal people, since the consumers do not trust the quality of massage by blind people. Moreover, for-profit Thai massages have more convenience location, which scope down their customer base to the consumer who use their service, because of the donation. In term of money donation, the company cannot compete royal supported organization, since the donors cannot reduce tax by donating to the company, which is the non-royal supported organization. Donors also concern about the transparency of the non-royal supported organization. These are the reasons why the company cannot attract any money donors excepting from their services. There is no competition between each blind organization in term users and the service that provided by the users, since there is a Thai association of the blind, which...
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