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Topics: Management, Non-profit organization, Executive director Pages: 3 (741 words) Published: January 21, 2014
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Nonprofit boards serve as the hub for accountability for the agency that they represent. As such, nonprofit agencies bare a heavy burden when recruiting members for their boards with the skills and objectivity needed to deal with the specific complexities of a nonprofit agency "When a Business Leader Joins a Nonprofit Board," that "Board members with no visceral feel for an organization may bring values to te table that are simply inappropriate," highlighting the challenge of delineating the boundaries between nonprofit governance and other types of governance. Board members must be given access to the kind of information that will guide their directives in such a way that their skills, whether they are highly business oriented or politically oriented, can be best suited to the environment in which they are now engaged. Area of Study:

The Key areas of challenge for business leaders, to consider concepts related to how nonprofit organizations work, and to address leadership roles and competency areas to be developed and strengthened by those in leadership in nonprofit organizations. Main Discussion:

While volunteers and staff members are invaluable assets to a nonprofit organization, the board of directors also plays an integral role when it comes to fundraising. When they take office, they make a pledge to further the nonprofit's cause through whatever means necessary, which includes maintaining sound finances. The Board of Directors will play a crucial role in fundraising by initiating contact with future donors and by brainstorming fundraising tactics. Most new incentives for fundraising are created and implemented by the Board of Directors, and it is their responsibility to continually develop new programs and systems for garnering funds. Involving the board members in such a meaningful manner extracts the enthusiasm and passion needed to govern the agency in much more then the number accountability, which is ever important in a...
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