Nonfranchised Small Business Analysis

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Non-franchised Small Business Analysis
(Gentlemen’s Top Option)
Mark Anderson
June 01, 2015
Dan Daily

Gentlemen’s Top Option
Gentlemen’s Top Option is a business located in Burlington, Vermont, that I will be researching I order to purchase the company. This paper will give a brief over view of the business model used by Gentlemen’s Top Option, assess the necessity for training during the purchase of Gentlemen’s Top Option, identify the issues that need to be investigated when performing due diligence and conducting a feasibility analysis, any areas that could be negotiated during the purchase of Gentlemen’s Top Option, and the advantages and disadvantages involved in the purchase of Gentlemen’s Top Option. The Business Model

A business model is a design for the successful operation of a business, identifying sources of revenue, what the customer base is, products or services that will be sold, and the details of financing (Investopedia, 2015). Gentlemen’s Top Option business model is to provide full salon services to men in the Burlington Vermont area. Services range from haircuts, grooming (shaves, hair dying, etc.), hair removal, and massages all exclusively designed for men. Gentlemen’s Top Option goes beyond the basics of male personal hygiene and provides its consumers with a refreshing full body experience that relaxes the mind. Training

In order for the purchase of this company not to affect the daily operations of the business or the standards already established for the business it will be necessary for some training. Training will be needed so that I understand the techniques used for hair removal, hair dying, and general hair care (i.e. cutting, shampooing, etc.). As well as any laws and regulations pertaining to massage or any other areas of the full service male grooming industry that may not be readily available. I would also request to be trained on what the current owners look for when they are hiring new employees/ stylists as this would be helpful in order to hire the best qualified person for the job that will insure the standards set by Gentlemen’s Top Option are maintained. Feasibility Analysis and Due Diligence

When conducting a feasibility analysis it is important to investigate the market size for the male grooming industry in Burlington, VT, investigate the competitors in the male grooming industry within Burlington, VT, investigate the difference in the services offered by Gentlemen’s Top Option and its competitors, and investigate the demand for full salon services for men in the Burlington, VT area. Gentlemen’s Top Option’s competitors are going to be other barbershops in the Burlington, VT area. The top competitors to Gentlemen’s Top Option are The Men’s Room, Main Street Barbers, Indigo, and Bugatti Barbers. The toughest completion would come from Indigo since it is also a full service salon. The difference between Indigo and Gentlemen’s Top Option is that Indigo provides services to both male and female clients while Gentlemen’s Top Option caters exclusively to male clients. Gentlemen’s Top Option differs from the rest of its competitors because in addition to regular barber services (i.e. cutting hair, dying hair, and offering shaves) Gentlemen’s Top Option also offers massages and personal hair removal. According to the latest census number the current population of males age 18 and over is around 40 percent of the Burlington, VT population. This makes up the market size since the target consumer are males in the Burlington, VT area and males age 18 and over are more likely be willing to pay for male grooming services. Areas that would require in depth due diligence would be determining a sales forecast for Gentlemen’s Top Option, conducting a cash-flow forecast for Gentlemen’s Top Option, and estimating the return on investment for Gentlemen’s Top Option. Areas for Negotiating

Areas where I would try to negotiate with the seller are on...

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