Non Verbal Communication

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Nonverbal behavior supplements or replaces verbal communication and serves many functions. The principles that envelope nonverbal communication include: supplementing the message, regulating the interaction, establishing the nature of the relationship, and reflecting cultural values. Supplementing the message involves emphasizing a message through volume and hugging to reaffirm the message. Regulating the conversation involves the knowledge of understanding when and when not to talk. Establishing the nature of the relationship includes the gestures of smiling and nodding, and telling someone directly how something is going. Lastly, nonverbal behavior reflects cultural values.

Artifacts are certain indicators that represent self-concept. Artifacts may include jewelry, tattoos, material items, glasses and hair styles that communicate one’s sense of self. They may project aspects such as role, gender, and status. Using artifacts allows people to create an image of themselves that they portray to others. In my use of nonverbal communication, I portray myself as a responsible, young women who is modest and has a unique sense of style. I do this with the intention of obtaining the same respect from my peers that I hold for myself. Many people have unique ways of expressing their sense of self or individuality.

Proxemics is the use of space. Typically the culture in urban areas favors standing close during communication. On the other hand, the culture from a rural area may find it uncomfortable. In my own nonverbal behavior, my proxemics can be depicted as sociopetal because the proximity and closeness of my interactions with friends, family, and neighbors allows for an easy way to interact. I am more apt to talk to a close friend and family member within one another’s personal space because it gives me a sense of comfort and intimacy with the other person. I feel that when in close proximity, one is able to obtain better attention and focus from a person....
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