Non-Uniform Motion Lab About Acceleration and Different Masses

Topics: Curve, Analytic geometry, Linear equation Pages: 3 (1060 words) Published: October 20, 2008
The purpose of this experiment is to determine whether a change in mass affects the acceleration of the cart. The independent variable is the mass of the weight and the dependant variable is the acceleration. I do not think there is a control in the experiment because we do not know an absolute result with any of the masses of the weight. Besides, if we used 0g as our control, the cart won’t even move.

Under these conditions I believe that the results shown in the distance vs. time graph will have a curve showing increasing speed or in other words, increasing velocity over time. Therefore, the results shown in the velocity vs. time graph will have a positive linear slope. The acceleration vs. time graph will then have no slope and just a straight line because the change of velocity is relatively constant. In conclusion, when the mass of the weight increases, the acceleration won’t and only the speed and velocity over time will change.

-Laptop computer
-Smart pulley
-Retort stand
-Retort stand fastener
-Dynamic cart
-Device to connect smart pulley to computer
-Ring clamp
-Weights (100g, 200g, 300g)


1.Set up the retort stand. Attach the fastener and ring clamp to the stand. Place the smart pulley to the ring clamp. 2.Set up the apparatus as illustrated above. Attach the mass of 100g to the dynamics cart (not shown) using the string and position the string over the smart pulley so that it rotates as the mass falls to the tissue box on the ground (not shown) 3.Connect the smart pulley to the laptop using the USB device and launch the Data Studio Program. Have the program graph distance vs. time, velocity vs. time and acceleration vs. time. 4.Position the mass over the pulley so the cart can move freely 5.Pull the cart as back the pulley as possible without making the string come out of the pulley. Click start on Data Studio and release the cart. Click stop as soon as the cart crashes...
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