Non Store Retail Formats

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What is Direct Selling?
Direct selling is a dynamic, vibrant, rapidly expanding channel of distribution for the marketing of products and services directly to consumers. The purpose of this paper is to describe direct selling and the benefits that it brings to the marketplace. Founded in 1978, the WFDSA is a non-governmental, voluntary organization representing the direct selling industry globally as a federation of national Direct Selling Associations (DSAs). There are presently over 59 national DSAs represented in its membership, and in 2007 it is estimated that worldwide retail sales by its members accounted for more than US$111 Billion through the activities of more than 67 million independent sales representatives. The World Federation and its national DSAs have always understood the necessity for ethical conduct in the marketplace and as such the WFDSA has developed a World Codes of Conduct for Direct Selling which all national DSAs have approved and implemented in their national codes. All direct selling companies agree to be bound by these codes as a condition of membership in a national DSA. Choosing an Opportunity in Direct Selling

Identify a company and product that appeal to you
Contact our member Direct Selling Associations (DSAs) for more information or look in your local phonebook. Take your time deciding
Does "getting in on the ground floor" mean that everyone joining after you will be less satisfied or happy? A legitimate opportunity won't disappear overnight. Think long-term. Ask questions
About the company, its leadership, the products or services, start-up fees, realistic costs of doing business, average earnings of distributors, return policies, and anything else you're concerned about. Get copies of all company literature

And read it!
Consult with others who have had experiences with the company and its products Check to see if the products or services are actually being sold to consumers. Investigate and verify...
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