Non Profit vs. for Profit

Topics: Non-profit organization, Health care, Non-profit organizations Pages: 3 (1069 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Nonprofit versus For-Profit Healthcare and Organizations

This paper explores articles and research conducted on nonprofit versus For-Profit Healthcare and Organizations. There are three types of entities that own hospitals, which are: nonprofit, for-profit, and government. However, it can’t be determined if they specialize in different medical services or how their service profits affect certain specializations. More than likely, the for-profits offer profitable medical services that benefit the organization, which would lead to believe that the nonprofits are in the middle, leaving the government with offering the unprofitable services. The for-profits are also quite responsive to the changes associated with service profitability than the nonprofit or government entities. Therefore, it would be necessary to evaluate the value of nonprofit hospital ownership and differentiate between the service offerings amongst the hospital types. Looking into the ways that for-profit hospitals make profits, it would be necessary to take into consideration the geographical location versus the well insured citizens that are located within the area. This paper also looks into the assumption that all general hospitals are relatively alike in the services provided, regardless of ownership…. but also that these entities would vary in their patient mixture. In my research, this paper is for the recognition of profit making and to introduce the idea that for-profit healthcare and organizations are more opt to decide on which medical services to offer based on the service profitability.

In our country nonprofit hospitals account for a major portion of the urban areas, while the remainder being for-profit or governmental ownership operating under different legal rules. When we evaluate the interests associated within the healthcare industry, we must take into consideration the value it has on today’s society and economy. This issue has been heavily debated in that...

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