Non-Profit Commnity Book Festival

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Non-Profit Community Book Festival

Non-Profit Community Book Festival
Charlotte Werner Elementary School is one of 19 elementary schools within the Rialto Unified School District that services school aged children, grades K through 5. This school offers bilingual education programs to those students in need. Charlotte Werner Elementary has a wide variety of different race categories including Asian, Native American, Pacific Islanders, Caucasian, African American, and Hispanic students. The number of students currently enrolled is 834. On May 19, 2012 from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., the students and staff of Charlotte Werner will be hosting its first annual community book festival. The book festival will be held on the school’s playground area behind the multi-purpose building. In the event of inclement weather, the book festival will be moved to the inside of the multi-purpose building. Charlotte Werner Elementary School strives toward excellence. One method is to expose the students to the latest technology available. Electronic books (E-readers) will allow the educators to prepare today’s students for a rapidly advancing future. E-readers have the ability to help students boost test scores and help to raise the schools overall ranking in the API (Academic Performance Index). “Based on the State Academic Performance Index (API) scale, that rank similar schools with a score of 1-10 with one being lowest and 10 being the highest, Charlotte Werner Elementary received a score of five” (California school rating, 2010). Based on these demographics, a non-profit book festival would significantly benefit the students of Charlotte Werner Elementary by purchasing e-readers. In addition to this, a non-profit book festival would help prepare students and their families for technological growth and opportunities. E-readers allow students access to a plethora of resources. E-readers give students the ability to conduct extensive research with an easily accessible, learner friendly notepad. The students will have access to a large number of recently published texts without the burden of carrying around an overabundance of books. The E-reader will also prevent the mistake of leaving the campus without the proper books necessary for their individual assignments. A problem that has arisen in the recent years is the posture of young students do to the lugging around of multiple heavy books in backpacks. “Carrying heavy backpacks to and from school on a daily basis has led to an increasing number of children with back problems” (Talbott, Bhattacharya, Davis, Shukla, & Levin, 2009). For this reason purchasing of lightweight E-readers would eliminate the need to carry heavy backpacks. E-readers are great assets for the educational system. The E-readers allow educators the ability to teach with the most up-to-date publications. With the addition of E-readers, educators will no longer have to rely on the costly practice of buying new hard bound books annually, or teaching from outdated textbooks. By using E-readers, the school can purchase one E-copy of a textbook and share the E-book with every E-reader. The E-copies cost only a fraction of the hard bound books. The average hardback textbook costs over $50 dollars; in contrast, the average cost of an E-book is $15 dollars. Every E-reader potentially could save over $175 dollars based on a five book purchase. offers a program that allows schools to purchase the E-readers at discounted prices (, 2012). The average retail cost of an E-reader is $80 dollars. Buying the E-books in bulk (20) gives the school a 15% discount from A non-profit fundraising book festival can generate the necessary funds to purchase new E-readers for the Charlotte Werner Elementary School. The fundraiser will be at no cost to the students, faculty, or the school district. The fundraising events will involve the community as well as the other...
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