Non-Political Revolutions

Topics: Age of Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, Communism Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Through history, there has been revolutions that have affected the world in many different ways. There is two kind of revolutions political revolutions ,that are changes to the government, and non political revolution, that are intellectual, economic or social changes. The non political revolutions are important because they had shaped the way we all think, act and work in the actuality. Some of those non political revolutions are the enlightenment that was a change in the way that everybody thinked; and the Industrial revolution in Europe that changed the way goods were produced.

The enlightenment was an intellectual movement that brought an age of reason to the world that occurred during the 17th and 18th centuries. First, this revolution changed the way the European society thinked. The thinkers from the enlightenment wrote about rights and tried to apply reason to humans actions so everyone started to call for this rights.The enlightenment thinkers wanted a better society in which the people will become more equal for example John Locke wrote that all humans have natural rights that are life, liberty and property. Second, the enlightenment changed the way the countries were rule. The people started to call for those rights that the thinkers were writing about and this created other revolutions like the French revolution. The new countries in South America also gave more rights to the people and followed the ideas from the enlightenment such as separation of powers from Voltaire and the freedom of expression from Voltaire. Finally, this changed the position of people in their society. The women also got more rights thanks to Mary Wollstonecraft who stated the “If all men are born free. How is it that all women are born slaves?” this thinking slowly gave more rights to the women. The way criminals were treated also changed thanks to Beccaria who wrote against the abuses of justice that helped to outlawed certain kinds of torture in many European...
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