Non-Medical Prescription Drug Use Among College Students: a Comparison Between Athletes and Non-Athletes

Topics: Drug addiction, Alcoholism, Alcohol abuse Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: October 30, 2008
I Article Documentation

Jason A. Ford, PhD, 2008, Non-medical Prescription Drug Use Among College Students: A Comparison Between Athletes and Non-athletes, Heldref Publications, 211-217.

II Article Summary

The article is about the drug use among college students, and comparison between the athletes and non-athletes. We see from Dr. Ford, “research indicates that college athletes engage in a wide range of risky behaviors. And, findings indicate that college athletes are at greater risk for alcohol use then are non-athletes: Athletes report more extreme styles of alcohol consumption, binge drinking at higher rates, and get drunk more often.” Meaning, that more of the athletes are using alcohol and illicit drugs than the non-athletes. Which shows to us that with the culture we live in today, it is in the norm where the college athletes or not do or contribute in riskier things than non-athletes or people that don’t attend college. Dr. Ford also stated that, “Research shows that college students have higher rates of alcohol use and binge drinking than their peers who do not attend college. The Majority of researchers have focused on college students’ alcohol use and the literature on marijuana and other illicit drug use is sparse in comparison. Also meaning that, more people attending college have higher rates of binge drinking and alcohol and other illicit drugs such as Marijuana, cocaine, and pills than people who don’t attend college./ So, Conversely, few researchers compare athletes and non-athletes The rate at which college students use marijuana and other illicit drugs has also increased in the recent years. For example, the author wrote that, “the rate of past-year marijuana use increased from 28% in 1993 to 33% in 2005, and past-year use of other illicit drugs increased from 13% to 18% during the same period. So, in a 12 year difference the percent of marijuana use went up 5%. But, the most alarming increase in the non-medical...
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