Non - English Major Students

Topics: English language, Language acquisition, Second language Pages: 18 (4671 words) Published: November 4, 2012


1. Introduction
1. Rationale
2. Aims of Research
3. Research Questions
4. Limitation of the Research

2. Literature Review
2.1. Definition of Attitude
2.2. Definition of non-English Major Students
2.3. Language Learning Methods

3. Methodology
3.1. Subjects
3.2. Study Variables
3.3. Data Collection Instruments
3.4. Methods of Data Analysis

4. Findings and Discussion
4.1. The General Reality of Learning English of non-English Major Students 4.1.1. The Attitudes of non-English Major Student toward English The Importance of English Effect of Students’ Major to Learning English Students’ Attitude in participating in English Lesson 4.1.2. English Learning Methods of non-English Major Students 4.2. The Differences in Term of Gender

4.3. Differences between Science and Social Students in Learning English 4.4. Differences between Junior and Senior
4.5. Some common difficulties of students

5. Conclusion and Recommendations
5.1. Recapitulation
5.2. Recommendations


English is an international and powerful language. It is obvious that English is more and more important and necessary, especially when our country has integrated WTO organization, and there have been many foreign companies investing in Vietnam. Therefore, when you apply to a company, of course, they will request you to have English certificate as a necessity. At Dalat University (DLU), English is considered as a compulsory subject in some faculties. Seeing the importance of English, we have carried out this paper to research the reality of learning English of non-English major students at Dalat University, and to investigate the attitudes of DLU non-English major students towards English.

1.1. Rationale
Nowadays, English is a popular language in all over the world. In the situation that Vietnam became a member of WTO, English plays a much important role in process of economic development and international integration. Therefore, young generation today, Vietnamese student as a representative, must try hard to improve language skills, English, especially. In recent years, English becomes an international language that is used in business all over the world. Moreover, English is considered as a powerful factor in modern economy. That is reason why most companies require excellent English skills from the candidates when they recruit. Consequently, it is vital that students should prepare carefully for their English skills in order to get a good job by themselves. Intermingling into the new trend of learning English, Dalat University students are also laborious studying in English. In the Dalat university curriculum, English is an obligatory subject for some majors such as Mathematics, Law, Social works, Tourism, Accounting, and so on. No matter what English is obligatory or optional subject, Dalat students should aware clearly of the importance of English. However, there are some insufficient points in the English learning methods as well as the attitude of non-major English students toward this subject. These insufficient points partly reflect the reality of learning English at Dalat University. In the Dalat university curriculum, learning English has a remarkable goal that is to transfer to students the basis skills in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Furthermore, some majors are equipped with professional knowledge in English. We hope that teachers as well as students who are teaching and learning English will have an overview about the reality of learning English of non-major English students in order to improve teaching and learning methods. That is the reason why we do this research....

References: 2.2. Definition of non-English Major Students
Khader (2010) defined non-English major students as university student who are specialized in any field except English language.
2.3. Language Learning Methods
According to Peterson (2011), language learning is a universal pursuit around the world
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