Non Conventional Sources of Energy

Topics: Energy, Water, Solar cell Pages: 21 (5584 words) Published: June 20, 2013

For the Course of Rural Engineering Technician

State Institute of Vocational Education Directorate of Intermediate Education Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad. 2005


Sri Shali Habibulla
M.Tech (Ref & A/c), Hons. C.H.E. M.I.S.T.E. Department of Rural Engineering Technician Govt. Junior College (Boys) New, Town, Anantapur

The main objective of vocational education is to train the students at +2 level for meeting the demands for the skilled manpower in both organised and unorganised sectors and also to provide an alternative channel for those who aimlessly persue higher education and to prepare them for self reliance. The State Institute of

Vocational Education (SIVE) in collaboration with the Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh has developed curriculum for 43 vocational courses in the field of

Engineering & Technology Agriculture Health & Paramedical Business & Commerce Home Science and Humanities

Accordingly the text books have been developed by SIVE as per the restructured curriculum by utilizing the services of various professional teachers in the respective fields. I am sure that this book will be immensely useful to the vocational students and teachers in understanding the concepts.

I wish to place my sincere thanks on record to Sri Shali Habibulla, Author of this text book for extending his support in developing this book for printing and publishing.

I shall be grateful to receive suggestions and observations from all the readers which would help in bringing out a revised and improved version of this book in future.

Sri. Shashank Goel, I.A.S.,
Director & Secretary Board of Intermediate Education Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad

Page No. 1. Solar Radiation Measurement 2. Solar Distillation 3. Solar Pumping 4. Solar Cooker 5. Preparation of delicious food by using solar cooker. 6. Solar Water Heater (Thermosiphon) 7. Solar Water Heater (Forced Circulation) 8. Solar Lanterns and Street light 9. Study of KVIC Bio gas plant 10. Study of Janata Bio gas plant 11. Study of Deenabandhu Biogas plant 12. Study of fuel cells.

Non Conventional Energy Sources Lab


Aim : Study of Solar Radiation by using Pyranometer. Apparatus : 1. Black surface 2. Glass domes 3. Guard plate 4. Three levelling screws 5. Mounting plate 6. Grouted boLts 7. Platform 8. Thermopile Procedure : A pyranometer is an instrument which measures either global or diffuse radiation.

A black surface on the guard plate is covered by a transparent glass domes. The hot junctions of the thermopile is connected to black furface and the cold junctions of thermopile is connected where there is no solar radiation. The other ends of thermopile are connected to millivoltmeter. The entire equipment rests on the mounting plate. The mounting plate is fixed on the plat form with the help of bolts. Levelling screws are provided.

When the sunrays falling on the black surface, heat is generated inside the glass dome. This causes the temperature difference takes place in the two junctions of the thermopile. As a result, an e.m.f is generated and it is recorded in the milli voltmeter.


Non Conventional Energy Sources Lab

Data Required to be noted Name of the instrument : __________________________________________

Name of the manufacturer / supplier : __________________________________________ Sl. No. Experiment Conducting Time Duration hrs. e.m.f. Produced

Quesitons For Evaluation : After performing the practical task the students are required to answer the following questions. Q1. What is Pyranometer? Ans. A Pyranometer is an instrument which measures either global or diffuse radiation. Q2. What are the main parts of Pyranometer? Ans. 1. Black surface; 2. Glass domer, 3. Guard plate; 4. Three levelling screws; 5. Mounting plate; 6. Grouted bolts; 7....
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