Non-Compete Agreement Memo

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Non-Compete Agreement Memo

RE: Non-Compete Agreement
The phases of a non-compete dispute litigation can be expensive for both sides, regularly time- consuming and usually needs a considerable amount of legal work in little time.

The non-compete law is constantly changing so when suing in this type of case there is some uncertainty. In the end, the risks “are often high in these matters; parties do not want to risk losing by pursing litigation, so they may be more willing to settle” (Schorsch, 2012, p. 1).

Phases: There are a few steps one must take to file a civil lawsuit.

Complaint: In civil litigation a person files a complaint and serves the other with process.

Answer: Defendants file an answer to the complaint or other document, such as a motion to dismiss the complaint

Discovery: The discovery process if the lawsuit shall proceed is any evidence given through interrogatories, or requests such as documents, admissions, depositions, and other means is important to the case shall be given (para. What are the steps in a civil lawsuit?).

Case: In the case of Dr. Doshi vs Dr. Alahdab, Alahdab who is a previous associate of Dr. Doshi is taken to court for violating a non-compete clause in a contract. Dr. Mohamad Tarek Alahdab, is a previous worker who departed the practice and started his own. Non-compete clauses in an employment contracts a non-compete contract can make it hard sometimes for physicians to treat their former patients when they go out on their own (Schorsch, 2012, p. 1). The violations of the non-compete clause include breaking an agreement by contacting former patients and doing a procedure at a hospital where his former...

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