Noli Me Tangere Published in Berlin (1887)

Topics: Harriet Beecher Stowe, Philippines, Uncle Tom's Cabin Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: January 11, 2012
IDEA OF WRITING A NOVEL IN THE PHILIPPINESUncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe - The book that inspired Rizal to write a novel about the suffering of the Filipinos to the Spaniards.Central University in Madrid – where Rizal started writing the novelJuly 2 1884 – Rizal proposed the writing of a novel about the Philippines 5. THE WRITING OF NOLITowards the end of 1884 – Rizal began writing the novel in Madrid and finished ½ of it.1885 – he was in Paris, he coninued writing the novel, finishing the ½ of the 2nd halfGermany – he finished the ¼ of itLast 2 chapters – he finished it at Wilhelmsfeld in April - June 1886December 1886 – he was in Berlin Fernando Canon – where Rizal wrote his worries about the publishing of his novel 6. MAXIMO VIOLA, SAVIOR OF NOLIDr. Maximo Viola - a rich friend of Rizal from Bulacan who financed the publishing the Noli.- lives at San Miguel, Bulacan- December 25, 1887, he arrived at Berlin 7. CHAPTER OF ELIAS AND SALOMEThis chapter was deleted for some financial purposes.February 11, 1857 – Noli was ready for printingBerliner BuchdruckreiActienGesellschaft – a publishing house that charged the lowest rate for publishing Rizal’s novelPhp 300.00 – the cost of printing for 2,000 copies 8. PRINTING OF NOLI March 29, 1887 – Noli Me Tangere came off the pressRizal sent copies to:BlumentrittDr. Antonio Ma. RegidorG. Lopez JaenaMariano PonceFeliz R. Hidalgo 9. THE TITLE OF THE NOVELNoli Me Tangere – “Touch Me Not”- from Gospel of Saint John (Chapter 30, Verses 13-17)AUTHOR’S DEDICATIONRizal dedicated the Noli Me Tangere to the Philippines – “To My Country” 10. CHARACTERS OF NOLI ME TANGERE & SYNOPSIS OF THE NOVELCrisostomo Ibarra– A young and rich Filipino who studied in Europe/ sweetheart of Maria ClaraMaria Clara– Daughter of Capitan Tiago Padre Damaso– Franciscan friar who had been parish priest of San DiegoSan Diego– Ibarra’s native town for 20 yrs.Padre Salvi– young Dominican parish priest of BinondoSenor Guevarra– Elderly and...
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