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Crisóstomo Ibarra
Crisóstomo Ibarra, or commonly called as Ibarra, is a half-Filipino half-Spaniard who is the only descendant of the wealthy Spanish Don Rafael Ibarra. He was born and grew up in the Philippines, but during his adolescence, he spent seven years in Europe for education. Those years prevented him from knowing what was happening in his country. When he had returned to the Philippines, he found that his father had died and that the corpse was (supposedly) moved to a Chinese cemetery(but the body ended up in a river). He heard tales of how helpful and kind his father was and decided to honor the memory of his father by doing as his father did. [edit]María Clara

María Clara de los Santos, is the most dominant yet weakest representation of women in the setting. When thinking of Noli, the name of María Clara is can be seen predominantly as image of ideal Filipina women. María Clara is the primary female character in the novel. She is seen as the daughter of Capitán Tiago and Doña Pía Alba. Doña Pía died when delivering Maria Clara. The poor child only grew under the guidance and supervision of Tía Isabél, Capitán Tiago's cousin. María Clara is known to be Ibarra's lover since childhood. When Ibarra was away in Europe, Capitán Tiago sent Maria Clara to Beaterio de Santa Clara where she developed femininity under religion. Later in the novel, María Clara discovers that her biological father is not Capitán Tiago, but the San Diego's former curate and her known godfather Padre Dámaso instead. [edit]Padre Dámaso

Dámaso Verdolagas (commonly known as Padre Dámaso/Padre Damaso or Father Damaso), of Franciscan order, was the former curate of the parish church of San Diego. He was the curate for almost twenty years before he replaced by much younger Padre Salvi. Padre Damaso was known to be friendly with the Ibarra family, so much that Crisóstomo was surprised by what the former curate had done to Don Rafaél. He is revealed to be the biological father of Maria...
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